Turning myself gay

A long time ago before I was in a relationship I used to have gay thoughts and watch gay p*** as I was curious. I've been with my girlfriend now for 8 years and not had any thoughts like that.

About 6 months ago though when my girlfriend went out I found myself putting on her underwear and one of her dresses. I put make up on and used her d**** to f*** my ass. No idea where this came from or why I did it but I loved it!!!!

recently I pushed things even further put out an advert online for some guys to come round and I got dressed up, made up and sat there while these guys masturbated and eventually came on my made up face. I don't know if I'd do that again but at the time I loved it.

I don't know where this is coming from! It's like I bottled it all up for years and now it's coming out. I'm turning myself gay and it's amazing.

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  • I find myself going gay after years of being straight- so it can happen

  • No you are not turning gay, you have been gay and finally admitted it. Time to dump the girlfriend and get to sucking you s***.

  • Thank you!!

    I did it. I left her, just told her it wasn't working and waited a couple of days and then got back on Craig's list and boom. Sucked my first d*** and had a guy f*** me and c** in me for the first time while I was dressed up!

    What have I been missing! No looking back now.

    If only I could thank you some how for confirming what I already knew. Let me know and I'll service you any day.

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