Online school struggle

I wish teachers understood how difficult online learning is. i cant remember the last time i did my math homework without crying. they say that they understand, but pile on the homework as if theres no tomorrow. im so tired. im so sad. i have no energy to do anything. nothing seems good enough. nothing is every f****** good enough for them.

Dec 7

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  • Complaining to the School Board after everything is done and dusted, is a futile exercise, as they will cover their proverbial and mention that everything is out of their control!

  • It's never the teacher fault!

  • I'm very, very sorry you are having such a hard time. I struggled with math, too, but that was in the days long before the word "online" even existed. I'm reluctant to suggest this, but you may want to think about talking to your parents about getting you a tutor. I realize that's an expense you would not normally have, and should not have, were it not for the decisions about teaching methodology, in which you did not have a voice. But it could help you get from where you are to where to you need to be. The tutor can also direct you through the homework, and that guidance may help you to develop a momentum of your own. It's worth evaluating. And when --- if ever --- things do return to normal, you should write to your local school board (with your parents' input) and explain how and why the electronic experience was deficient, and perhaps counterproductive. Best wishes, my friend.

  • This Covid 19 is a good excuse for some teacher to bludge!

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