I physically beat myself up..

I cut and im bulimic but it doesn't seem good enough.. I punch myself until im screaming at myself to stop, I bite myself until I bleed I throw things at myself.. I don't think im good enough for anything so I have to hurt. Im a 16 year old girl with parents who expect me to be perfect.. sometimes I wish I could beat myself to death..

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  • oh sweetie. i'm sure you're beautiful. you don't have to be perfect just because they want you to. be who you are. just because they're your parents, it doesn't mean you have to do everything they told you to. if you are not happy with things now, why dont you try to change it? do more of what makes you, you. show them the real you, let them know that you are perfect just the way you are cause i'm sure you are an amazing person. you're stronger than you think you are. YOU MATTER.

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