Husband not up to the job

My husband and I have been married for nearly 25 years. I have always insisted that he do oral on me and make me c** before he enters me. Over the years I started lubricating less and he got softer, so now he just licks and he usually squirts while he's doing that. He seems like less of a man to me all the time. I've told him he needs to sit to pee because it's too messy when he stands, so now he sits like a girl and sometimes I tease him about his p**** being put completely out of service - he doesn't f*** or pee like a man. His little pee pee seems to have shrunk, so even if he could get it hard his little 3 inches wouldn't do anything for me. My pet names for him now include "Miss T***," "Teeny Weenie" and "girlfriend." I love him dearly - we raised three wonderful kids together - but all I can think about is a nice hard d*** between my legs. I'm 60 but stay in good shape and guys of all ages hit on me all the time. I'm thinking of sitting hubby down and telling him I'm going to need to go out on the town hunting for big, hard d****. Maybe this isn't fair to him but I'm going to lose my mind if I don't get satisfied soon. I've never been unfaithful. Is it possible to f*** guys you pick up just for s** without causing problems in your marriage? Advice?

Sep 4, 2015

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  • Im 23m and would love to f*** you

  • I will give you credit, at least you are being honest! Most Women would just f*** around in that situation.

  • It's so hot that there are men out there with hard c**** that are will to do me with no strings attached. Of course at my age I don't worry about pregnancy, so I would love to go bareback and for them to pump me full. I wonder how hubby would react if he saw what other men left inside me after a night on the town.

  • I think you are old mean and bitter and have sunken eye sockets. send a p*** star to him and se how he f@@ks

  • Why don't you have a discreet affair? Or hire an escort? You could've been describing my husband and I'm also sexually frustrated. It's driving my crazy!

  • I can never understand why people don't talk to their other half on all things including s**, my husband and talk all the time, we don't use the phone except in emergencies,
    we both know that we like s** a lot, and I don't care who it is we all like change, my husband satisfies me but I still crave attention from other men and even the occasional woman,
    but the best is the double attention I receive in a MFM threesome, so talk

  • I am a 36 year old man in the LA area, if you are near there or come there for your "out of town hunting" I will be happy to help you with no strings.

  • I'm a 60yr old man, I still het a fat h****** and can f***. I love to f*** you, I also like giving oral but after I have given you a good f******

  • Sorry 4t this was a woman

  • I was replying to the poster not you r*****

  • Fock u d*** u don't even no me

  • Your still a f****** r*****

  • Ye but I still got time change wot u going keep growing old and still be a c***

  • You are still a r*****

  • I am 26 bay the way I have a thing for old woman I have had 5 milfs all ready the best one wen I was 18 and she was 40 it was the best s** I have had so do u then yo can top it lol xxx

  • O and ye just 4 s**

  • I will be the doing the bending over lol

  • Sure, just for s**, I will come over, turn you around and bend you over and give you some hard pounding

  • So u up 4 some fun then cuz it don't sound like your hubby is

  • And I can defo give u a hand with that lol

  • Honesty is overrated. If you plan to cheat, don't tell your husband. Be discreet.

  • Looks like u r in need of some help sweetheart

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