Elsie mother in law update

Thanks for the advice well I have acted upon some . I want to confess. My soni in law was over alone. He kissed me on the lips as He was leaving. I replied that was nice. He called again alone he kissed me again on the lips this time I responded to his kiss totally it lasted for ages as he left he said we can do better than nice. Oh yes he has felt the same as me .
The next time he called I was totally wanting more from him . In my small kitchen I felt him brush against my b******.
should I try for more now or what
confused Elsie

Sep 7, 2015

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  • Hi Elsie my mother in law is a good looking firm bodied busty 83 year old the idea of f****** her is driving me wild I get the hardest erections thinking and looking at her love to fill her tight p**** with my wide young c***.

  • That how is started with my son-in-law. Little pecks goodbye (our family does that anyway) at first and a little longer until it's clear that it's more than a goodbye kiss. If he doesn't respond well, you have your answer without a risk and otherwise things just naturally take their course

  • I could use your advice. I'm in a similar situation but I'm the son in law.
    For around 1 year, my mil's been bending down in front of me all the time, allowing her t*** to become almost fully visible down to the nipples when looking down the loose shirt collar, even after being told by her daughter that I've been looking. She lifted her dress up a little past her upper thigh, right where the outer ass cheek starts, to show me a bruise that was on her lower thigh near the knee and kept it there, just staring at me. She pulled my head around 3 inches from her dangling t*** while she was wearing an insanely revealing top, just to give me a kiss on my head, has found ways to "accidentally" get her head a few inches from my crotch a few times and once even, from what I could tell, pretended to fumble a book I handed her, only to drop it by my feet and solidly graze my crotch with her head as she stood back up. She acts differently when no one's around and on occasion will be a little looser than usual with me in front of her daughter. She once gave me a hug after i brought her a little gift and let her t*** press up on my chest and my d*** lightly against her, both for the first time (no one around). She'll gently stroke my arm when I leave, and even my bare chest on 2 occasions but that was very subtle. I even once found her hovering over me while I was "asleep" she saw me with my b**** sticking out from my waist line went I went for a p*** at around 3am. She was leaning over me, staring at my face and then nonchalantly walked away when I opened my eyes. I started reciprocating by sometimes letting my crotch touch her by accident and she never moves away. I'd like to get her to make the first move.

  • I love the fact that you are cheating on your husband -- I've done that myself several times and I loved every second -- but I love even more that, at the same time, you are cheating on your daughter, too. So sexy. So loving. So beautiful. So perfect. I wish you only more luck. And more love.

  • Exactly! It feels less wrong because it's not outside the family but more wrong because it's your daughter's man. The combination = the hottest s** ever.

  • My son in law started flirting and coming on to me almost as soon as he started dating my daughter and eventually the pressure got to be too much and i gave in and gave him everything he wanted. if he hadnt been the aggressor i know nothing would of ever happened between us but i am so glad it did and i am so glad he kept after me so hard. all the work he put into getting with me let me now how much he loved me. and he still loves me.

  • The word "I" is capitalized, you illiterate troll.

  • My son-in-law and I had an affair between 2004 and 2011, and it was really serious. He wanted to leave my daughter and he wanted me to leave my husband so we could be together, but I couldn't stand the idea of being so open about it. We live in a small town and it would have been a huge gigantic unbelievable scandal. So, instead he broke up with me and after about a month, he started dating my best girlfriend, the only one in the world who had known about the affair other than my son-in-law and myself. He did it to hurt me, and it worked. But it hurt even more when he actually did leave my daughter and then later on marry my best friend. Or I should say my ex best friend, because she and I no longer speak to one another. And I couldn't say anything about how long he had been cheating before he left home for Deandra, because before he moved in with Deandra, it was me he'd been f******. It was a real clusterfuck but there wasn't much I could do about it, except watch as the love of my life started dating my best friend behind my daughter's back, and then watch the two of them get married. And now, they have a child together and another on the way (which I think is totally sick but that's another story). I tell you this so you will know: this s*** gets really complicated really fast, and you could very easily get hurt by it all.

  • God you are such sexy marriage material and i wish you were my wife i would let you play whenever you wanted to damn you are so sexy

  • Here's the thing. Cheating has become so commonplace that it's almost lost all of its thrill. So the best way to liven up adultery is to up the ante, like by cheating with the spouse of someone in your own family, just like you're doing. I think what you're doing is exciting and inspiring and admirable. PLEASE don't stop. Keep going!

  • Your playing with fire and your going to get burned.

  • My daughter and son-in-law got married on Valentine's Day this year. By that time, he and I had already been at it heavy for seven months. By summertime, we were already talking about starting a family together, in secret of course. By their first anniversary, I expect to be very pregnant with his child (I know she won't be because she's still on her pills, and I got off mine). I challenge you to do the same. Have him knock your ass up, and then carry that b****** baby right under your daughter's nose, never letting her know the powerful secret between you and her husband.

  • Next time your husband is away for the evening, text your son-in-law when you know he's home with your daughter and tell him to come to your house and finish what he's been starting. Be bold, be clear, be direct. Tell him you want him. "Now". Tell him that play-time is over, and it's time to start getting serious.

  • I think you should allow him to make the initial move to establish a physical relationship. Men want to be in charge, or they at least want to believe they are. :) You've already laid some pretty incredible ground work (well done!), so just keep up the pressure by keeping up the sexy kissing, and let him think it was all his idea!

  • Add to this some slightly more revealing attire anytime he comes over, arouse him without doing or saying anything that would be initiative. He will get more risky if he sees the smallest bit of assurance that he is on the right track.

  • ^ Yes perfect!!!! ^

  • What are you waiting for? A notary to confirm that you'll be getting hot passionate s** with your son-in-law? Go for it!

  • ^ Absolutely so ^. Excellent advice!!!

  • I had a 2yr affair with my son-in-law which ended a little over 5yrs ago (because we almost got caught more than once) and it was the best time of my life. Go for it and don't let him get away. And don't make the mistake I made: don't ever let him go.

  • You've totally hooked this man. NOW REEL HIM IN!!!!

  • Keep kissing him like you did the last time. He'll eventually take charge and give you what your looking for.

  • So delicious. I certainly hope you capture him. Please let us know!

  • Yes! Report back often and tell us how it's going between the two of you!

  • My mother in law is a really super nasty piece. i would do her every day if she allowed it. and i would give anything to stab that ass of hers.

  • Learn basic English first. The word "I" is capitalized.

  • S**-ay!!!!!

  • You need to have one of your makeout sessions with him while your daughter is in the house! Hot!

  • I wish you were MY mother-in-law!!

  • Go out today to your favorite lingerie store and buy yourself 4 or 5 of the sexiest outfits you can find. Then, when you see him next time, put the sexiest one on and be ready for him on his arrival. Always wear something sexy when you know he'll be there. And even whenever the family is all together, wear something slinky, provocative or slightly revealing. Do all of this just for him. And let him know it's just for him. Go out of your way to present yourself for him in a very sensual way. Do or wear or say something to make his d*** hard every time he sees you. Make him want you more than he wants her.

  • Love this idea and the only thing i would add to it is to consider taking your man with you when you go to the lingerie store and let him help you pick out the outfits and maybe s*** you in the change room.......

  • Whenever he's at your house again and nobody else is home attack him as soon as he walks through your door.

  • Next time he comes to your house tell him he won't be able to leave until he does you.........in all three holes.

  • I just love all those sweet sweet kisses and i just know the s** will be even sweeter. enjoy each other!

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