When it's rught

Been trying to get my sister in law in bed for over 10 years. Have kissed her a few times, last time pretty hot and heavy, but I knew I'd better leave. Have had dinner a few times alone. She asked me in last time, just to tease. She changed in a lite jogging suit, with zipper down half way, with no bra on. Wearing perfume and shiny red lipstick. Had some wine. On couch, next to each other. She leaned over and kissed me on cheek, then directly on lips. Unzipped top and felt b******, she moaned. She noticed my h******, opened my jeans and pulled down my shorts. Manhood straight up. She straddled me and took me in. Kissing each other, I exploded, filled her up. She screamed on ecstasy. Then she whispered, "Remember hugh school?" and the sucked the biggest hickey on my neck I've ever had! We've made love many times since, except I haven't got het in bed yet! Really don't need to now
She calls me over to het house almost in a weekly basis, but for a completely different reason now.

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