A boy got caught stealing money in school

When I was ten years old a boy was asked to take some money to the principals office. Apparently he didn't give the principal all of the money so when the boy was searched the missing money was found on him.

They took the boy to the office and they called his parents at work. The boys father left work to come to the school.

The boy was sent to class and told to apologize to the entire classroom which he did.

His father proceeded to slap him and slap him and slap him. The boy was crying obviously and his face was cherry red for obvious reasons. The father kept on slapping the s*** out of him.

The father then left to go back to work leaving the semi hysterical boy at school. The teacher said nothing.

The next day the kid was walking funny and a guy who lived in his neighborhood said that the whole suburb could hear the screams of the boys parents and the sounds of hard blows across his face and his buttocks.

The boy had bruises al over his face and arms and I suppose all over his body.

The class reaction and my own reaction to this was shock. We actually shared the boys pain and here I am an adult and I feel his punishment should have been far less severe and fare less visible to the other students and the people in his neighborhood.

Punishment for stealing is the right thing to do but wasn't these beatings and injuries going too far?

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  • I was never beaten like this kid, although back in my grade school days in the 80's, most of the teachers and the principal at my school kept paddles on their desks. Some paddles had holes drilled into them, intended to maximize the sting to the child's rear end.

    I was sort of a class clown, and some teachers didn't put up with my antics. In 3rd grade my gym teacher, a big burly dude, called me and another boy into his office one day. We'd been goofing around and being naughty during class. He looked at my classmate and told him to assume the position, which meant to bend over a chair with hands braced on the seat and not move. This gym teacher's paddle had to be in the range of 20 inches long and 4 inches wide, holes drilled in a neat pattern. The noise from the first lick (out of 5) was exceeded only by this kid's scream that followed. By the fifth lick, the kid was just sobbing. I almost wet my pants realizing I was next. It was the worst paddling I'd gotten at school up to that point, and I swear my rear end was just hot and throbbed for the rest of the day. But at least all the physical punishment I experienced was confined to only my rear end.

  • Well j@ck@ss, Ferguson Missouri was destroyed because the police killed a strong arm robbery suspect that was on security camera doing it, then forensics (big word meaning scientifically proven) showed Michael brown had his hand on the officers weapon inside the police car and his mother said he was a good Christian boy that was never in trouble. So f*ck off.

  • Vvvvv. Comment below maybe there would be less good Christian boys being killed if we killed the perps instead J@ck@ss

  • I bet he didn't steal again. That was the end goal of the DISCIPLINE. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Maybe there would be less "good Christian boys" being killed if the parents cared enough to DISCIPLINE them more often

  • My dad used to cane me. I actually never saw it as abuse even though I was totally scared and it used to hurt like h***. OP story sounds like the father was totally out of control.

  • That is horrible :(. and abusive

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