If they only knew

If I thought going to school was boring, my senior year attending virtual school is much worse. Just yourself and no friends. So one day I'm thinking that since the camera can only see my face I'm gonna do something crazy. During the break I took off my pants and underwear. When class started again all I was wearing was a shirt. What would they say I thought. I started to get really hard. I answered questions which got me more excited. I began to imagine other kids knew. I kinda had the thought to just stand up. This only got me into thinking about doing some crazy s** s*** more and more. I thought about jerking off and the thought of doing that was more than I could handle. Impossible. I havent touched myself. I couldnt f****** believe it but I was gonna c**. I spun the laptop around and stood up. As soon as I did I started to c**. I came and came and came. As I was c****** I could hear the class. No one knows of course. I dont know if I'm gonna do this again. Btw I am 18

Dec 13, 2020

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