Underarm Hair

On a crazy dare, on Jan. 1 my wife and her friend bet each other on who could go the longest without shaving their underarms. Well, its been over 6 months now and neither has shaved. My wife now has a relatively large and dark area of hair under her arms, very noticeable when she wears sleeveless shirts. She has not been out in public where anyone can see her underarms. We will be heading to the beach during the 4th of July and my wife is wanting to shave and concede the bet. I have grown to like her hair and do not want her to shave. She doesn't mind it and said she is comfortable with it but is afraid to be seen in public with it. I've got 3 weeks to convince her to keep it or lose what I think is a sexy look.

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  • She is still comfortable with not shaving and has kept that look since I first posted. While she still is not comfortable with wearing anything that will show her hair, she is now not concerned with letting it show where she knows we will not see anyone we know. We did take a European vacation this past summer and she was not one bit concerned about who saw her underarm hair and it is very noticeable

  • My 2nd wife did that when I started to grow a beard, then after a few months I f***** her armpit! It was different, but so hot!

  • I love underarm hair and a bald p****. Perfect!

  • I have the opposite problem. My husband of 16 years just decided to shave off all of his pubic hair, so he's totally clean. I asked him why he did it, and he just said it was personal preference. I'm not sure and wonder if something is up.

  • He is cheating on you....congrats....! Someone can't even live with free will

  • I agree

  • I am sick of doing all my own hair removal and considering paying for at least under arms and legs regularly, never had them down before so that will be an experience, because its just affording it.

  • I'll wax you

  • Each to their own. Personally I think under arm hair on a woman is gross.

  • My girls shaved down there as well.

  • Phew...it's only underarm only

  • Your wife is to much worried about what others think.
    Her own comfort is what is most important.

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