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I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. He has grown to not only be the person I love but my best friend as well. The last couple of months out relationship had turned a little bit monotonous because we could not see each other as much and I was very busy making preparations for college. Now that I am far away from home and my boyfriend, I've noticed that I don't seem to be missing him as much as I though I would. On top of this, I have developed feelings for another person. It's so strange, he is not the typical kind of man that would appeal to me aesthetically speaking. But we have engaged in some amazing conversations several times, the kind that I've never had with my boyfriend. It simply clicked, every time I see him my heart races like never before and I have even fantasized about him, and I just feel so guilty because although I haven't done anything wrong I feel like I am betraying my boyfriend. What should I do? I love him, but I think I love this other person too.

Sep 10, 2015

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  • Serious advice. You are in college now and you are going be meeting a lot of interesting people from all walks of life. Your high school boyfriend maybe a sweet guy but it may be time to realistically consider how he fits in to your life now, if he even does. It's not about's about you two are growing up and going in different directions and it's more than apparent. It would most likely be a good idea for him to also meet some other girls wherever he chooses to go to school as well. So for this new guy, as interesting as he appears to be, enjoy getting to know him but don't jump into another relationship so soon. You are young and you need to learn about independence. Who are you without a guy? What do you like..not what do "we" like etc.. He's not the only guy on campus. And it's so important to meet other friends ...women who are your friends. Join clubs or a sorority (if that's your thing). Later on, look into a semester abroad. College is a great time to meet friends and have fun (safely..of course). Your studies come first.

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