I am 22 and I have low self esteem... When I was younger I was a HOT babe with a hot body and f***** half of the city, but now i'm always in and oh yeah did I forgot to mention i'm fat now? I hate my life, i want to go out with other people and have fun... but most of all I want S**.

I loved s** and crave it so badly, i m********* to the thought of my co-worker, who I have a crush on f****** me real hard, pulling my hair and forcing his rock hard c*** into my very very wet and tight p****. He has a girlfriend though so that's not gonna happen...

But it doesn't matter, i'm single and I want to f*** really bad... My only option I feel like would be older guys, since they don't really care what they f***... but i've been there done that...

I like playing around with guys, sexually stimulating them and dropping them... My ex keeps trying to have s** with me but i'm at that point where I NO LONGER HAVE S**... trust me... that's a big thing compared to the w**** I used to be... but the thought of having s** with my ex turns me off... Ew... SHUDDER... No....

The recent d*** I had was with a black guy where I pretended to be drunk just so we could f***... First of all, i'm not into black guys but I was f****** h****, and the guy I wanted to f*** went home... So this black guy is there, we f*****... he had a little d*** for a black guy... and he lasted 2 minutes.....................

It was lame, and i hated it but i'm still ever so h****....

I WANT TO HAVE S** SO BAD AND WANT A D*** INSIDE ME THAT MAKES ME FEEL ALIVE AGAIN.... I can't stress how much I want it, i'm starting to hit on my co-worker and hugging him EVEN WHEN HE DOESN'T WANT ME TO, I want to kiss him and s*** but i'm afraid it'd turn into sexual harassment. So i'm trying to do some scheme to get him to f*** me but we can't f*** at work... LOL...



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  • Maybe we could sext or exchange pics I love big girls such a turn on

  • Dear Friend,
    Maybe you should consider getting therapy before you make yourself even more unhappy or get a sexually transmitted disease. Your sexual urges are normal but you can probably take care of them without putting your reputation, job or health on the line. Once you decide what you want, make yourself available and you will likely meet someone worthy of your affections. Take care now and please get into counseling soon.

  • Lve u....

  • A lot of men love fluffy women. Quit sexually harassing your co worker or you'll be out of a job. I'm sure there's an online hook-up chat room with a lot of men who find you super attractive. I was talking to a woman who weighs 250 lbs. and she said she gets laid a lot because she feels confident about herself. So can you with the right attitude. That's what she told me.

  • I like fat women they are really sexy and love f****** them. Where are you from

  • I'm a fat woman, 5' 3" 42gg shaven plump p****. I haven't been f***** I 6mths. Would you consider f****** me, I'm submissive and will comply with your orders. I love to have a c*** c** in my mouth. Fatty Sara xx

  • Fatty Sara I would love to f*** your fat c*** and suck your saggy fat t***. I also want to f*** you up your fat a***.
    Where are you from

  • Thank you, iv never had a c*** in my a*** but yes you can f*** me up the a***, bet it hurts but will submit to you. I'm from Birmingham.
    I'm half indian I hope you like brown women
    Fatty Sara xx

  • Wow you sound even better never f*** a fat s*** Indian woman, I had a w*** thing of you. Bet your big t*** are saggy and fat c*** juicy. I live near you, were can we meet?

  • Yes my t*** are full and saggy with fat nipple and big areola, I can suck c*** really well. Can we meet at Weatherspoons waterloo st at 6pm Friday night, I live close to there?

  • I will be there, I want you to m********* and not wash before we meet!!!

  • Ok I will fatty Sara xx

  • Thank you Mark, you have made me happy, you have a lovely fat c***, that filled my chubby c***. I even enjoyed it in my a***. You made me feel like a beautiful woman. Cant wait for next week and if you want to bring a friend you can.
    My c*** is sore but I loved you f****** me and spanking me xxx

  • Hi Sara loved Friday night, you are a true fat s*** with magnificent fat saggy t***, tight c*** for a fat b****. You olive skin is beautiful. Enjoyed f****** your virgin a***, you also sucked me dry in the morning and licking you smell spunky c*** in the morning was lovely.
    I will see you next week but want you for myself for now if that's ok you fat s***.
    mark x

  • Hi Mark I enjoyed you as well but I am a s*** and want your friend to f*** me as well. I'm not looking for a relationship, just raw s**. I told my friend about our night of s** and she is interested in you f****** her up the a***, she is full Indian and married but loves white c***, she is chubby 38dd, do you want to f*** her in a foursome?

  • Oh yes, see you Friday ??

  • Id love to f*** you

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