Close call...

I'm young guy 26 years old. Recently i have more free time and run a lot more. So I finally bought some running tights. I love running and i must admit running in tights is very comfortable.

I'm h**** young male beast and get lots of boners when I run. I run in short shirts so I want my bulging member not to cause too much drama. Solution is to wear compression shorts under tights and that's what i do. My average sized p**** ends up being 2x smaller than normal at it's best. I admit it's a bit embarrassing to be seen as micro size but I somehow agree to it. ;)

Personally I think it's better to have it tight and small but visible than covered with shirt. It's what we guys have between our legs small or big - that's still our symbol. I did not notice people to look surprised or interested. Some people looked at me but most did not care. I thought guy in tights brings more attention. Well what ever, yet another barrier in my head crossed. No one apparently cares (or wastes time to stare on something that small LOL).

I felt my p**** trying to bulge when crossing nice girls but tight lycra kept him prisoned. Now the point is. When i was back home i saw a white small spot of precum on my tights. Hopefully when i was going up by the lift in my block nothing was on my tights (there is mirror there). So i was basically very lucky it kind of reached the limit it managed to cross my spandex shorts and show up on tights just when I came back home. Turns out running tights can set up many traps and one must be always on his guard. ;-)

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  • That's just gross. If you wear those you'll definitely attract s****, but never a real woman. Good luck with them.

  • I wear them for running (super comfortable). I do not wear them for dates and to attract girls.

  • I'd love to see that bulge

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