Message I've typing out but unsure if to send

Oh S*****, I can't stop thinking about you. I want you. I want to slowly undress you, lie you on a bed, start at your feet, licking them, then kissing up your legs as I spread them apart, until the smell of your wet p**** is all I can breath. I'll slowly remove your underwear to reveal your p****, glimmering wet from my touch. Nothing more than a gentle lick will get you squirming. I'll kiss up your stomach to your glorious b****** and give them a gentle caress before kissing you passionately. As your hands wrap around me and we kiss you'll feel the tip of my p**** touch your p****. You'll be so wet it won't be too tough to slide my d*** inside you. I can feel you're tight though, you've probably not been f***** in years. We'll keep kissing as you groan historically as I slide in and out, touching you in places you had forgotten. You'll turn me over and then begin to ride me, I'll watch intently as I see your mature body riding up and down my hard d***. I'll begin to rub your c***, another forgotten sensation, before long you'll feel it all build up and all of a sudden a huge rush of ecstasy fills your body as you realise you're having an o*****. Your p**** pounding my c*** as I rub your c*** and your juices running wild. After you calm, I'll turn you over, slide you to the end of the bed so I can stand up and f*** you as I hold your hips as you lay there. Your legs wrapping around my waist as I f*** you like you've been my s*** for years. Harder and harder until I lose my cool, groan wildly and fill your p**** with my hot, sticky c**. I'll pull out and step back as the o***** doesn't stop, leaving you just enough space to slide down to your knees and take me in your mouth to make my o***** last even longer. Then we'll get dressed, without talking, and head downstairs like nothing ever happened. I'll get in my car and drive off. Next time we see each other, we won't say a word about this magical, wild experience and continue to have the normal son-in-law and mother-in-law relationship we always had, but now without all the wondering of what we could be and instead with the memories of what we had.

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  • Well I saw my mother-in-law tonight and glad I didn't send that message, would have been awkward. You may be right about fantasy not confirming to reality. I just find her painfully attractive sometimes! I can't stop thinking about her. I just want one night to get it out of my system!

  • Lucky woman, but, no, you can't send this. Feelings might get involved and hurt. Besides, fantasy usually doesn't conform to reality. If the s** is that good, she'll be wanting to more. Damn.

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