Share pictures of my gf

I love to share pictures of my gf. Those who have the same fantasy. Contact.



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  • It's one thing to look at portn. But to share pics of your gf without her knowing. WTF is wrong with you. You are a douchebag. Do you have a sister? A good friend? cousin? whatever.. Would you appreciate her bf sending her photo out to a bunch of strangers on anonymous app? Please don't say you love her. Her enemies would treat her better than this. This isn't some joke. This lives forever on the internet. It never disappears. Seriously, you are totally pathetic. How old is she? Regardless of her age, it's still a crime to do this without her permission. And if she's under 18, by storing it on your phone and transmitting or upload anywhere that is considered child p**********. And eventually you will get caught. And any of the pervs below who stupidly left their emails do the same thing by downloading the image and sharing and reuploading can also be charged. Let's just send the emails listed below and send them to -- And there's probably an email connected to the post when it was submitted. Karma is a b**** and one day you'll get yours.

  • F*** you



  • Lrt0218 at gmail


  • I love to also, got an email??

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