Fascinated wife slave

I have always been submissive in bed but never really explored it. That is, until I met my husband. The first time we had s** he came on my mouth unnanounced and I sorta liked it. When I told him I wanted to be his s** slave he didn´t like it at first, but then one day he fully dominated me and humiliated me and of course it was amazing. But then he never did it again he practically had me begging for it. Later, he started calling me names like w****, c***, and prostitute when we were having s**, I was on cloud nine. Now, he makes me send him dirty pictures whenever he wants and thinks his d*** should be my regular breakfast. I still don´t know if I am the one who introduced him to this or if it was him who slowly turned me into his w****. Anyway, we are both pleased. Hopefully he will formally put me in his leash soon.

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  • Recently met a Woman in her 60's and OMG can she f***! I thought I had some pretty wild nights with younger Women, but this gal was every bit as good if not better! What drove me wild was the fact that she could climax multiple times! When I say multiple, I mean soaking wet O****** as long as my Tongue could do her she would just Climax over and over!

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