Very unusual dream and aftermath

Last night I had an uneasy sleep. I had a weird dream. I dreamed I was at my favorite pub and in addition to drinks the owner of the pub had a novelty section.

In my dream the novelty that caught my eye was a man shaped figure made of what appeared to be stacked metal rings. It was small and in a strange pose. The face and torso had no special features just that it was made of these strange stacked metal rings.

I had to own this thing. I could not find anyone available to sell it to me but i had to have it. Frantically looking for someone to buy this whatever it was caused anxiety and I woke up.

Just a dream? Well as I am sitting here wide awake I still want that figurine made of stacked metal rings as if it really existed.

I'm not a psychiatrist but since I'm a puzzle fanatic I beileve this man shaped thing is to my subconcious mind the ultimate puzzle.

Over the years I've become somewhat adept at solving puzzles and this figurine of stacked rings presented it to me in my subconscience mind.

I doubt if I'll ever find a puzzle that would be as challenging as the one in my dream.

Weird? Yes its weird.

Sep 14, 2015

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