Wife transforms husband to sissy male.

My wife caught me watching transsexual videos where the she males jacked off until climaxing. I was j********** and shot my load just as the Transsexual did in the video when my wife caught me. That was two years ago, since then I have been turned into a sissy male, made to dress as a girl, my hair is long but every thing else is shaved or has been waxed.
I have been trained to suck c*** to completion and swallow, I also eat cream pies that my wife feeds me. I now have a chastity cage on which she calls "my little pecker" and only get out of it when I have given a b******* to one of her many lovers.
I should confess that I have a 3 inch "pecker" when erect. When I am let out of it I j******* and have to eat my own c** as her lover and her watch, then relocked up.
I also have to confess that I have learned to except my new life, that this is what I was meant to be. My very understanding wife has thought me this over these years. She is very supportive of my choices that I have agreed to in life.
Sissy C.

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  • I love ts women. I have f***** and been f***** by some really hot ts escorts. My favorites include Kayla Kayo, Miss Miami. Natassia Dreams, Astrid Lee, and Natasha Knoxx. I f***** them when they toured in Cleveland. Astrid was the first to take my ass. She was so hot that I couldn't say no. I have topped Miss Miami (otherwise known as Jocelyn Lopez), but the last time I saw her, she f***** me first. She is stunning and has an amazing body. I hear that Natasha is now a post op. Natassia is a famous pornstar, and after j********** to her movies, I had to see her in person. I was not disappointed. Kayla was amazing as well. She gives amazing head and her sexy big ass gets me off every time. I have seen a couple of asian girls too,but I tend to gravitate to black and Latin girls, especially thin girls with big b******. I definitely prefer ts girls over their genetic counterparts, although I do occasionally see a petite, busty black girl when no hot transsexuals are in town.

  • Sorry to hear that.

  • Idk. I love watching ts p*** but and do like a*** play with toys. Id even bottom for a hot tranny. However i wouldnt dress as a sissy and and eat c**. Sounds like you are bi. All good though as long as she is supportive. Its likely in her favor since you only have a 3 inch di ck

  • I would love to come round, and take turns between f****** your wife's c*** and f****** your sissy mouth. You're going to gag like a b**** as I rape your mouth. Your tiny dicklette will c** without even touching it. You can lick your c** up from the bed while I f*** your wife and shoot my load up her p****, you're not licking that though, she's going to get pregnant with my child while you'll be our slave/maid. You can come lick my d*** clean though. Lick my a****** too, why? So you know your place. Little b**** girl fulfilling our needs.

  • Sweet like for you to talk that way on the phone with me

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