I'm might fail all my classes this week, on Friday. I'm not smart enough to get through school, and if I don't pass this week. I'll end my own life on Friday.

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  • There's always next semester. Don't literally kill yourself over this. Take less classes next time or take a break. Also, ask the other students who the easy professors on campus are. I suck at a lot of subjects especially in math and art history. Nobody suck at art, right? I do. So I dropped the first prof and found another who wasn't a snob. Also, talk to your college counselor to see if you can drop your classes without getting F's and redo some of them next semester. I know students can do that if they have a medical condition and can't finish. Failing isn't the end of the world. I barely graduated high school and kept dropping my classes in college. But I returned to school ten years later and did very well and finished with a college degree.

  • NO - please ask your teachers for additional help, and anyone else you can think of!

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