Incident at Walker high school

I was attending summer school and one day after class I saw a guy touch a girls chest in front of her boyfriend. The toucher was a tall rangy boy I had never liked the looks of.

The girls boyfriend pulled a long skiiny knife called a butterfly knife and it seemed to disappear into the taller boys torso. The boyfriend pulled the knife back out and again the butterfly knife seemed to disappear inside the taller boy.

By now the taller boy had three stab wounds two in the abdomen and one in the stomach. He was trying to back away from the girls boyfriend but he was stabbed a fourth time in the back. Again the knife seemed to do a disappearing act.

The girls screams to her boyfriend finally stopped him and the taller bay lay bleeding on the pavement.

The girl found a teacher (there were no cell phones in those days) and the police and an ambulance were called.

Unbelieveably the tall boy lived. He lost his spleen and thats all I know about him.

The boyfriend was tried and convicted of second degree attempted murder but received a light sentence of probation of five years.

I never saw either the boy or the victim again. I did see the girl until I finished the summer school term.

I was not called on to testify even though I had seen everything from the beginning. Other people came forward and told about the tall boy putting his hands down the girls chest touching her b******.

IN case you want to know what a butterfly knife is it is a cheaply made long skinny knife with a not quite clip point. The handles usually fail and the blade is made of relatively cheap steel. These knives don't cost much but they were popular with toughs when I was a teenager.

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  • Is this school in Louisiana?

  • Atlanta Ga

  • Read "The Stranger" by Albert Camus. You sound very much like the principal character.

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