I wanna feel how its to kill...

Well, I dont know if its normal, or if other people have this feeling, but sometimes, out of nowhere, I have this feeling of wanting to kill someone, jut to know how it feels, and I start thinking of how could I do it, most of the time I want to do it with my own hands, like, beating them to death, or with a knife, and then I think of what could I do after killing, where to put the body, how to disappear it, and all the process after that...

I dont know if this feeling is normal, or if I need help, or if I could disappear the feeling because it frightens me!



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  • I don't need a compliment especially if it is fake.

  • You're not the only one who feels like killing.

  • Then you will both end up in H*** - a real place.
    Repent and turn to Jesus Christ before it is too late!

  • Okay i'll share a fantasy with you. i want to be killed; not all at once of course but after you have raped and mutilated me. made me c**, cut my c*** off, made me suck it and taste my own c** as i fade out. i want a sharp stick shoved up my ass and pushed through my bowels, my stomach, into my throat and finally out of my mouth. i want to taste my own s*** as the stick is force up through my throat. i want to see you take a knife and shove it into my belly, pulling it up. I want my final sight to be you cutting my throat and c****** on my face. i want to be the feast at your table; the meat on your plate.

  • Remember the dude in Germany a few year ago who let some dude chop off his p**** so they could both eat it.

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