Cheating scumbag wives

I understand some forms of cheating, ex. un happy relationship , no s** in a relationship for years and stuff like that. wHAT i cant stand though is when the other partner is very loving and caring, yet completely oblivious to their spouse's activities. The worst is when a military wife (or husband but i havent seen much of it) cheats on her man, knowingly that he is risking his live to protect your country. I was approached 2x by cheaters in my life time. Once was during college, I was sleeping and woke up to my roomates gf cuddled up next to me. I followed through and we f***** with him in our room. I felt total s*** and confessed to him. The next time was a military gf. My friend was serving in iraq when she asked me to literally "stay a weekend and have a little adult fun ;)" as she messaged me. I saved the message and sent it to him.

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  • Hey dude, if you handle it, send them over to me! There is nothing more beautiful that a dirty minded woman.

  • War is H*** on the Home front too!

  • The fact that a woman is like for a little extracurricular activity doesn't make it okay for you to rat her out. D***......

  • "Scumbag wives"?? Dude, YOU are the scumbag.

  • Fidelity is so old-fashioned. And overrated.

  • It takes two to have an affair. You had s** with your roommate's gf while he was in the room and then you slept with a military wife. BTW, maybe your roommate wanted to watch his gf have s** with another guy and was pretending to be asleep.

  • I love f****** military wives. I couldn't tell you how many I've f***** but it's a lot. They are such amazingly easy prey, and they are so h**** they'll just throw themselves at you and beg for a f******. I've been f****** one in particular for the last four months and her husband won't be home until late-January. Her p**** and a****** were already my birthday presents to myself, and soon they are going to be my Christmas presents to myself. You can't imagine how nasty and perverted this b**** is or how bad she needs to be f*****. You can call me names if you want to, and tell me what a bad American I am, but let me just make this point to you: if these wives weren't f****** me, they would be f****** somebody else. And a lot of them still f*** somebody else anyway. I can't help if it they're all whores.

  • Preying on the wives of American servicemen? You've just admitted to being a kind of sexual terrorist. I take it you're proud of that, but you really should just go kill yourself. It will save karma the trouble of dealing with you. God help you.

  • Sexual terrorist??? How funny. So a woman should stop having s** fora year or more because her spouse is in the military? We see nothing but how f***** up our soldiers come home, PSTD, disabled, disfigured, unable to cope in a normal society after what they've seen, if they come home at all. Do you think he's being faithful over there? If you do then you are stupid. If s** is offered and it's not a sexual assault or rape them it's game on.

  • Looks like you are a low life and are not qualified to play saint for everyone else who cheats. What difference does it make as to whether or not a spouse is in the military. Now days the wife is often deployed and cheats as well, Puritan.

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