I need to be fatter!

I love being fat! I've been big most of my life, briefly dropping from obese down to merely overweight during college. I am now morbidly obese after purposely gaining over 110 pounds. I have been hovering around 330-335 for a few years now and lately I just feel such an intense urge to start gaining again.

My weight actually dipped to 326 a few weeks ago and I legitimately felt a sense of panic. I immediately started binging at night to get my weight back up. I am very happy to say it is back to 330 plus and I am doing my best to add more. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to eat as much as I nee to to add weight, but I am determined! My first goal is 337 which would be a new high for me. Then it is on to 350 and I am hoping a 60" belly! After that who knows, but I am very excited to be actively gaining again. I just feel so good when I'm getting fatter.

I have to travel next month and I'm hoping I will need a seat belt extender on the plane. There's nothing better than real life evidence of how huge I'm getting. For example, being too big for booths at some restaurants. I get so excited when I try to sit in a booth and can't fit. Having to ask to change your seat because you're too fat is so embarrassing, but such a turn on! Its even better when the person seating you looks you over and you can tell they're sizing you up before directing you to a table instead.

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  • Op here - just a quick weight update - I am 342 and loving every new ounce. This is the fattest I've ever been and I can't wait for more! I need more! I have been eating so much, trying to stretch my stomach, so I can keep shoveling more calories in to my big flabby body, pushing myself past full, just to add more weight, more soft heavy fat. I am sure I will reach 350 soon, but I doubt I can stop there. I feel so out of control, addicted to gaining again. I keep fantasizing about 400. I think its only a matter of time. I don't know if I even have a choice anymore. I'm so far gone now, so fat. I'm on my way to being super obese and I love it!

  • I'm a tiny female that absolutely adores fat men, especially when they can't control themselves and just keep getting fatter and fatter.

  • I am definitely out of control. I am burying myself in blubber and I love it!

  • I don't like being too fat, but the idea of having someone feed me till I can't have more food is a turn on! I'm a guy and I wish there are girls or even guys would love to do this to me

  • Just curious - do you have a job? Or do you collect from SSI for being unable to work?

  • OP here. I have a job. I work very hard. Your post assumes 2 things that both show your ignorance. #1 - that I am too fat to work. I am a looooong way from being anywhere close to that big. #2 - that fat people are somehow lazy and a drain on society. I know people much heavier than myself whose work ethic would put you to shame.

  • Why are you curious. What does ssi have anything to do with being fat. Heck I wish I can be happy with myself to be like fat bitc h like OP. Its sounds like OP is putting as much effort as me of maintaining my six pack. Ita hard for me to hover around 8-10% bodyfat. Good job OP. Just dont get so fat that you cant reach back to wipe your own azz.

  • Thanks. I think.

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