I need to be fatter!

I love being fat! I've been big most of my life, briefly dropping from obese down to merely overweight during college. I am now morbidly obese after purposely gaining over 110 pounds. I have been hovering around 330-335 for a few years now and lately I just feel such an intense urge to start gaining again.

My weight actually dipped to 326 a few weeks ago and I legitimately felt a sense of panic. I immediately started binging at night to get my weight back up. I am very happy to say it is back to 330 plus and I am doing my best to add more. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to eat as much as I nee to to add weight, but I am determined! My first goal is 337 which would be a new high for me. Then it is on to 350 and I am hoping a 60" belly! After that who knows, but I am very excited to be actively gaining again. I just feel so good when I'm getting fatter.

I have to travel next month and I'm hoping I will need a seat belt extender on the plane. There's nothing better than real life evidence of how huge I'm getting. For example, being too big for booths at some restaurants. I get so excited when I try to sit in a booth and can't fit. Having to ask to change your seat because you're too fat is so embarrassing, but such a turn on! Its even better when the person seating you looks you over and you can tell they're sizing you up before directing you to a table instead.

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  • I am a woman who began working at a fast food restaurant I weighed.130 pounds in a little under 2 years I now weigh 263 pounds I was a size medium now I am a 3 x I love my new body and I want it to get bigger I at least want to be 350 in considering cutting all my hair off to show off my double chin I can't get over how my body changed I went from flat and toned to feeling my belly bump into things I feel so full after I eat at first the weight gain was an accident then I caught myself in the mirror after a bath and looked at my stretch marks after staving them with a pin I realized I wanted more that. Night I ate an entire cake 2 packets of ramen noodles and a digorno pizza I'm starting to make wg shakes it feels like I finally found what I'm supposed to look like and it's exciting
    If any of u don't mind let me know what u think of that haircut am I being to rash

  • So, you've gotten morbidly obese, doubling your weight in just 2 years and you plan on gaining close to another 100 pounds at least. These are drastic, life altering, and most likely irreversible and irreparable changes to your body and you're concerned your choice of haircut may be too rash? lol I'm sorry, that just strikes me as funny. I also totally get it! I'm also morbidly obese and my next goal weight is also 350, but I plan on going much higher and even though I'm trying to become a human blob I still want my hair to look good. It is just a haircut though. Give it a try. If you don't like it, it will grow back. Good luck gaining fatty!

  • I've become so fat I need help out of bed and to walk to the lounge. My hubby has fattened me and I so wanted him to fatten me.

  • Get fat Honey. I'm 536lbs & loved every minute of the whole gaining process & so does my hubby.
    536lb Happy Fatty

  • I want your toned stomach replaced with a sagging, heavily protruding, flopping apron of stained jello rolls…

    I want your arms replaced by drooping sacks of sweat stained, tired sized lard…

    I want your b****** replaced with wobbling, water-falling udders…oozing to each side helplessly…

    I want your chin to multiply into jowls of many chins…caked with drool and scraps, jiggling with every wheeze…

    I want your thighs replaced by a pile of oxygen deprived, dripping folds..interlocking and slapping together like wet hams…

    I want your precious pleasure spot devoured by a liquidy obese FUPA to rival a gut…

    I want your back nothing more than a stack of pancakes…like the ones you gulp down soo eagerly…

    I want your ass replaced by two boulders of bobbing, dimpled, sticky, sweaty, and smelly lard…

    I want your body a blob…

    Your lips always full…

    Your stench…pig-like…

    Your mind…empty…

  • I know I am very late to this confession but please look at this comment. I think you have an eating disorder. And I don't think you realize it, and that's what is scary. You purposely binge eat to gain weight and you don't do anything about it. This can really affect your health later in life. I just don't want anything bad to happen to you.

  • I appreciate the concern, but I don't think you quite understand. Its not an eating disorder, its a fetish. I binge because getting fatter turns me on. I understand the health risks, but the feeling I get from watching the numbers on the scale go up and up and up or noticing a new stretchmark or popping a button or even just getting out of breath going up a flight of stairs is totally worth it! I will continue adding more weight, more soft, heavy, jiggling, hanging, wobbling, FAT to my morbidly obese body. In fact, I'm going to go stuff some donuts in my face right now!

  • Op here - just a quick weight update - I am 342 and loving every new ounce. This is the fattest I've ever been and I can't wait for more! I need more! I have been eating so much, trying to stretch my stomach, so I can keep shoveling more calories in to my big flabby body, pushing myself past full, just to add more weight, more soft heavy fat. I am sure I will reach 350 soon, but I doubt I can stop there. I feel so out of control, addicted to gaining again. I keep fantasizing about 400. I think its only a matter of time. I don't know if I even have a choice anymore. I'm so far gone now, so fat. I'm on my way to being super obese and I love it!

  • I'm a lady who thinks just like you do, I convinced my husband to fatten me & the fatter I got the fatter I wanted to get. Everything about being now 640lbs turns me on. Eat grow super fat.

  • I would love to fatten you until you cant wwalk, watching your fat jigggle as you stuff your face fatter and fatter as your huge belly hangs lower and lower.

  • I did this to my wife.

  • I'm a tiny female that absolutely adores fat men, especially when they can't control themselves and just keep getting fatter and fatter.

  • I am definitely out of control. I am burying myself in blubber and I love it!

  • I have as well and also love it 575lbs

  • The thought of you struggling to stand as you become more and more of a pig for me is making my p**** wet. I would feed you and watch you become a fatter more obese cow of a man every day as I stood next to you, your trim sexy girlfriend. I would tease you and feed you and make you my cow.

  • Moooooo! I'm so ready for this.

  • I want you beached like a whale on the bed, I will slowly lower myself on to you, and watch as you shake and quiver like jelly as I reach under your huge fat roll and grab your huge fattened c***.

  • I'm going to need you to dig down deep to find it. I've buried it under so much fat. I'll try holding my belly back for you while you mount me, spreading your legs wide apart to get over my massively bloated body. Then I'll let go and let the fat crash into you like a tidal wave. You'll be pinned between my soft fat lap and massive of doughy belly. You'll have to struggle against it to ride me, doing all the work because I am far too obese to do anything but lay there like a fat tub of jiggling lard. I hope you bring some snacks to feed me while you ride. I get hungry and I know you wouldn't want to waste any opportunity to get some more calories in me, to make sure I'm even bigger next time.

  • I would make you so fat, and I would show you my pretty toned body and big t***, you would get hard under your fat lard belly and I would heft it up, and suck your tiny fattened p**** off, as I feed you. How does it feel to see your sexy girl in front of you looking sexy as I fatten you into an immobile man blob? I make you eat to f*** me, I make you eat to get jacked off, I make you eat to see me nude.. You are my fat little piggy and I am in total control of your slovenly fat body, I laugh as you try to reach your d*** under all that fat I have piled on you. Reach and jiggle blubber boy, the more you eat the harder it will get until I lower my pretty shaved pussyon your d*** and let you f*** me. Come on piggy, eat eat and grow fatter.

  • Show me your sexy tight body and I'll show you my grossly obese one. Show me your big t*** and I'll show you mine. Tease me for being such a fat f****** pig. I'm getting hard just thinking about what you're going to do to me. I can feel my c*** stiffening and throbbing under the layers of lard surrounding it. Its waiting for you to set it free. Its getting so hard for me to reach! I've given in completely. Make me eat and eat and eat. Make me your huge, jiggling, fat, immobile man blob. I'm ready.

  • I don't like being too fat, but the idea of having someone feed me till I can't have more food is a turn on! I'm a guy and I wish there are girls or even guys would love to do this to me

  • Just curious - do you have a job? Or do you collect from SSI for being unable to work?

  • OP here. I have a job. I work very hard. Your post assumes 2 things that both show your ignorance. #1 - that I am too fat to work. I am a looooong way from being anywhere close to that big. #2 - that fat people are somehow lazy and a drain on society. I know people much heavier than myself whose work ethic would put you to shame.

  • Why are you curious. What does ssi have anything to do with being fat. Heck I wish I can be happy with myself to be like fat bitc h like OP. Its sounds like OP is putting as much effort as me of maintaining my six pack. Ita hard for me to hover around 8-10% bodyfat. Good job OP. Just dont get so fat that you cant reach back to wipe your own azz.

  • Thanks. I think.

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