Caught my Wife with the next door neighbors Wife!

I'm a Manager at a Manufacturing Plant. Work long hours and sometimes I have to work on other Shifts. One Night I called my Wife to say I would be late because I had to cover for a Guy that was a no-show for his shift. She said fine she was going on to bed and that was it. Well about 2hrs later the Guy who takes over for me showed up, his Car had broke down and had to wait for a Tow Truck and get a ride to Work. I was happy to see him and I got the h*** out of the PDQ! It was just after midnight when I got home. No lights on so I knew my Wife was in bed. So I crept in quietly not to wake her up which that was usual for me anyway. I was a bit miffed that she didn't bother to at least leave the small Light on over the Stove. Quietly put my things away and kicked off my shoes, headed for the Down Stairs Bathroom to take my Shower. When I went into the Bathroom that's when I first heard something. Muffled sounds, but I thought my Wife had the radio or TV on upstairs in the Bedroom. There was something that made me just stand there and listen for a few more moments until I knew something was weird. Still in my clothes I made my way up the Stairs. We have Wall to Wall Carpet including the Stairs, so I can always go up and down without a sound. When I got to the top of the Stairs I could see our Bedroom Door was almost closed from the yellowish Light being emitted. The Sounds were coming from our Bedroom but it didn't sound like a TV or Radio. This feeling of Dread came over me suddenly and I knew my Wife wasn't asleep or alone in Bed. My head started to pound as I slowly walked towards the Bedroom Door. Suddenly I'm thinking what Guy I'm going to see f****** my Wife and will I know the Guy from somewhere? What's going to be my reaction when I do see them f****** with my own Eyes? I walked to the Door and peeked through the small opening. On the Nightstand there was a small Candle lit and then I saw my Wife astride our next door Neighbor Janice! They were both naked and their Legs were entwined in someway. My Wife seemed to be grinding against Janice and they were both moaning with pleasure. Their Hands were touching each others B****** as they grinded against each other for the longest time. I don't know how long I stood there watching but I did go back downstairs before they were done. They began to make out and still grinding on each other. Back in the Kitchen I grabbed a Beer and went out to my Car and waited. About 20 minutes later the front Door opened and Janice came out of the House. Obviously my Wife wasn't going to turn the Porch Light on, but I could still see them exchange a quick Kiss before Janice came down the Steps and quickly hurried over to her House in the Dark. My Wife didn't even notice my Car was parked next to the House. I heard the Deadbolt turn and that's when I went inside. Since I had put my things away already I just needed a shower. When I got to the top of the Stairs the Bedroom was dark as usual. The Bedroom Door was wide open but I could still smell the scent of the burning Candle. I got into Bed and my Wife never moved as if she was sound asleep, which really just p***** me off even more! When I got up the next morning I didn't say anything or have I yet.

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  • My wife was having a secrete affair with my friend for 4yrs under my roof,my most dark moment came from the people that i valued so much,all thanks to a cyber genius 'Loop' who helped me with investigative and hacking service that gave me access to all her phone activities.I was heart-broken,but am still better knowing the truth.Don't give up more of your pleasure because someone in your life wasn't mature enough to be in a faithful partner deserves cheating on .if you are having any trust issue with your partner or employees,you can reach out to hackingloop6@ gmail . com,i promised him to share his contact online. he offer lots of hacking services, website database hack, phone cloning hack, telegram hack, topping credit score, background checks and surveillance, access to social networks, school servers, i cloud.he is really a cyber genius.Tell him i referred you.


    It was a cool Friday evening and I was bored. Incidentally, I did not want to go for my usual weekend night out. Everything seemed insipid. I was just not happy the way my life was going; wondered why it even bothered me. Usually booze and rough s** and my brand fix would do and I had a string of guys who would do me just for the asking; no just showing up with my well endowed b**** slim waist and "mega" hips that keeps the guys drooling. Just turned 18 and the hormones were raging.

    Finally, I locked my room door and lay on the bed sulking and moody. I put on the stereo but my favorite gigs were insipid too. What's really up with the night. What the f**k is it with this scr**d night? Then suddenly, someone was in my room; live, the lights were on. There was this strange feeling of guilt that enveloped me with his presence. He looked young, handsome and immaculate and I felt so dirty and wretched before him. I hid my face under the pillows and goosebumps rippled through my being like a wave on the sandy beach. Then the longest (about) fifteen minutes of silence I ever had in my life and he spoke: "Why have you been avoiding every overture of mine . . ." I was stunned. Overtures? I never knew him from Adam. I was ruminating on his question and shivering with fear in the interlude of about another 10 minutes. I was getting surprisingly relaxed only that guilt was resident in my heart. The next question showed me that this fellow whoever he may be knew what no other knew about me . . . "you shunned all my entreaties and went and killed my son . . .?

  • (pardon I can't put all the rest of this second part of the question that explored my life down here). I was stunned the more. "killed his son?" I knew instantly what he meant. I yanked off a six week fetus despite the tug of war in my heart to the contrary. I never told anyone; neither my parents nor my best friend knew. I did not know the father of my baby either (but definitely not this fellow standing here) for I had a "gang bang" in a night party two weeks before I missed my period and I was drunk and high. More so I knew I was in my ovulation then. The guilt increased. He seems to allow my heart to absorb his questions before the next one. Then he asked the one I knew was the last; "supposing you die now . . . where are you going to?" I knew immediately that the "man" who could enter my room while the door was securely locked could take my life without even a snap of the fingers. The fear was back with the goosebumps and the guilt intensely multiplied! I began to shiver and quake with sobs and tears streamed freely. The next 10-15 minute was like eternity. I literally saw h***; where I was going to if I had died. I thought the guilt would crush me.

  • Then he did the unimaginable, it was not a question, it was a liberating statement. "An***a (he called my middle name which no one ever called me, not even my parents or at school for everyone called me by my first name) your sins are forgiven . . . for I died for you". Waooooh! The guilt was gone instantly, I felt new . . . a song simultaneously was triggered in my heart like a skillful DJ had tuned it. I knew instantly (honestly these pieces of knowledge are beyond me) that my name was written in "the book that mattered the most" (whatever that meant) and I also knew him; the one that created me, the one that died for me. I had avoided him all my life and in fact hated him in spite of the fact that my mom knew him and taught us about him. I stood up to embrace him but he was gone; just like he came. The song in my heart was then on my lips (a song I never sang before);
    I am saved,
    my heart is healed
    No more tugged by sin . . .

    The next week was even more stupefying. I lost the desire for booze, for "my brand fix" for clubbing, stripping, "gang bangs" and the wayward life I'd lived. I only wanted to read a copy of the bible especially the New Testament.I wanted to know him the more. I saw that he said the same liberating W*** ("your sins are forgiven") to a w**** like me in Luke seven vs forty eight. That was my best day so far in my life; the day I read that chapter.

  • R u an idiot. U should have got undressed & should have pounced onto the ladies buy..... one get one free

  • Ok maybe this will help you. A few years ago I came home from Work and my Wife was sitting at the Dining Table like she had lost her best friend. When I asked what was wrong she told me she was thinking about having an affair with 'someone" she had known for a long time. Sitting there in shock she went on to tell me it wasn't a guy, but another Woman from her Office. The reason for this was because I wasn't "taking care of business" like I used to do for her. Sometimes when you have Kids and you both Work the little things slip by you. I used to love making out with my Wife, and doing all the things she liked. S** had become almost a routine and I suddenly realized how much I screwed up, and there was no one else to blame but me! All my Wife was wanting was to those things I used to do with her. So I took Two Weeks of Vacation Time and we got a nice Hotel near the Beach and "took care of the Business" I should have been doing all along! Hope this Helps.

  • A friend of mine caught his wife in bed with her best friend. He threw them both out of his House!

  • You should have confronted her in the spot, now she can lie, deny and get her alibi

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