Wearing my mum's clothes

I am 16 year old guy and I really love wearing my mothers clothing. I like putting on her sheer black tights and her high heeled shoes and boots. I really like her Nine West "Getta" boots they feel so great when I wear them. She has lots of nice dresses, skirts and lingerie. I know its not normal but its so nice and I can't seem to stop.

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  • Have allways worn ladies tights since I was young all different colours and 50 years old now is it to late to stop

  • It gets better with age.

  • Do you want to be your Mom?

  • I love how she looks. I would love to look like her. She is very beautiful amd elegant

  • You're. F****** insecure gay

  • Transgender bisexual to be precise. Unusual way of trying to chat me up...

  • Maybe try feeling out the situation. How does she feel about gay people? I know cross dressing doesn't mean you're gay. Knowing if she is pro or con on the issue would give you a reference to go from. If she's against LGBT rights then maybe opening up to her wouldn't be such a good idea. Hang in there, brother.

  • Thanks xxx I'm bisexual but have not dated a guy. I admit I like the male attention I get on forums like this. I think I will hold off. I will start university and properly dating. maybe I will tell her in a few years from now. I real really vulnerable right now...

  • Why don't you at least reveal your actions to your Mum.? This would seem fair and it may help to build you a source of support. She also might be wondering by now where her clothes and things are going or getting moved around.

  • I am very careful when I move stuff around. I leave it as I found it. I admit talking to my Mum scares me. Worried she will be disappointed in me.

  • Thanks. Just very self concious... Not many guys like womens clothes. I am sure my mum would freak out if she knew what I was doing.

  • I love the feeling of nylons.

  • I love it and wearing silky or satin knickers too

  • My sister had a secret starch of lingerie she didn't want our mom to know about. I used to get in when she was out. She a a pair of black stockings and garders. I loved wearing them.

  • My Mum is spending the night at her boyfriend's place. Right now I am wearing her tan leather skirt, nude tights and dark brown 4 inch stiletto heels. Feels so good.

  • Hot. Very hot

  • Thanks xxx

  • What are you wearing today sweetie?

  • Nude heels with a blue summer dress. White panties...

  • Your not hurting anyone, there's no need to stop. Accept who you are. Don't pay attention to the narrow minded people who like to judge everyone but think their own private kinks are fine.

  • Thanks xxxx

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