Work in a Gay Bar naked and Hide it from my Family

I am a prep school guy,living at home yet, and I have a girlfriend but I admit I think gay stuff sometimes.

So i got desperate for money and took a job at a gaybar that isn’t too far from home. this is hard to write.

The guys that own the bar seemed nicer than they are. I just do restocking beer and cleaning up glasses and bottles and take garbage outside to the ally. I was told normal casual clothes are OK.

The first night was OK then one supervisor who is a nephew of one owner and does not seem so older than me said I gotta work shirtless and wear just my shorts and sneaker. That got me upset. He say I sign stuff and i need to follw bar rules. I sign stuff but my english is not great and i didn’t know what it is.

I do not cosider myself gay and it was bad feeling to be no shirt working all night. When guys got drunk they touch and I just try to avoid.

My parents knew i was upset when i come home but I just say the boss is tough or it was bad night. I had to tell them I went for jog after work becasue they would not give shirt back.

So this goes on too long.

Bottom line is when this supervisor had friends later they said I now gotta work without the shorts and sneaker liek naked. the shorts were already rip small ones from them and then i refuse to remove them and they tear them off and say they are their anyway and i work for them.

Now only on night those guys are there I strip outsdie and go in bar naked . No one else got to work that way so they are being unfair. I try to think of my gf and that i get money to take her out but I am barely make any $ there for what I got to do. And it is too easy for guy to do s** stuff to me there and i get drop off naked at my house at like 3 in the morning and try to sneak in. they threat to tell my parents I am a prostitute at bar and that it is my fault I am raped becasue i walk around naked all night.

I hate that it is going on. I can not lose everything but i hate beign made to work that way.

I think of running away or quit school. I just own the clothes the supervisor loan me and they are bad and i look close to naked and can not get another job and i got no friends so it is tough.

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  • You a gay male prostitute and keep going back for more. Stop whining you know what you are and like it or you would have told them to guck off from day one.

  • You seem to have the where-with-all to operate a computer (and access to one), the skills to search and find a confession blog, and the ability to write a confession. I think you have many options other than what is represented in your confession. I wish you the best in channeling your energies to a more suitable work environment. Good luck!

  • You are amazing and special. Stay strong. Leave that abusive enviroment. You are loved!

  • You are amazing and special. Stay strong. Leave that abusive enviroment. You are loved

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