Im i a girl and im in eighth grade, i am graduating this year so i want to get some stuff offf my chest. I like my grade dean for 3 years now. She is a lesbian in her 40s. I really like her. i got her roses for valentines day and she didnt know it was me. i wanna f*** her so bad. she is sooooo hot. god i love her. omfg i always get wet thinking about her.

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  • I did the same thing too. i hooked up with my phy-sci teacher. she was married but she was secretly bi and she liked me from the first day of class and i liked her from then too even tho i didn't know she was bi at that time. finally after about like 2 wks of torturing myself by wanting her and not getting her i just went to her after school one day and told her look i am dying from being in your class and not in your bed. and i am dripping for you every time i sit in my desk in your room so much that i am probably leaving a giant puddle of my p**** juice on the floor. and i said to her you have to start f****** me or i have to transfer out your class cuz i cant stand being in the room with you and not being between your legs doing you. i even told her i would even do her in front of the whole class if she wanted it. we went to her house that afternoon and we became lovers and we stayed lovers for almost 3 yrs after that until i graduated. you should go for it and just see if she loves you too cuz she probably does! the worse thing that can happen is she says no. go for it!

  • I hope you get her. I really do. And soon.

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