Wife got drunk and passed out.

While the wife was at work I had a visit from one of my old time single buddies that had been living in Florida and got back to DC once or twice a year. Lyn didn't really care for him because he was a "womanizer" hopping from bed to bed and she probably does not like it when we go out for drinks together. Mike and I sat at the kitchen island and started doing some shots and beers. We were pretty much f***** up by the time my wife got home. Surprisingly she seemed genuinely happy to see Mike and she joined in for a couple of shots. I broke out the bong around 9 and pretty soon all 3 of us were buzzing. Around 11 Lyn got up from her stool and staggered over to the sofa in the sunroom. She was drunk as a skink and stoned out of her mind. She passed out and one of her b****** was completely exposed. I didn't care that Mike was looking and even smiled when he said "nice titty" and told me he had always thought about her t****** and said she looked great. I was getting excited at the thought of him seeing Lyn. She looked very uncomfortable in the position she was lying so I asked Mike to help me carry her up to bed. As we carried her upstairs her wrap around skirt opened enough to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties and both of us got a good look at her p****. At this point it didn't bother me when Mike helped me undress her and put her in bed. He even began to caress her b****** and rub her p**** in front of me and I stood there and let him. "Damn she's got a hot body" he murmured.
I replied good naturedly "I bet you could f*** her and she wouldn't even know it".
Before I knew it Mike was stripping off his clothes and his big c*** was sticking straight out. He was laying next to her and trying to slip his c*** inside her. I had a raging b**** and sat on the edge of the bed, unzipped my pants and began jerking myself off watching Mike slowly sticking his c*** in Lyns p****. Before long he was f****** her furiously and I was shooting my wad just as he was coming inside Lyn. Watching Mike f****** my wife was the hottest experience I had ever had in the bedroom.
when he was finished he slumped down beside Lyn and within minutes he was passed out as well. I tried to wake him up but to no avail. Both of them were comatose.
In my excited state I decided to act on an impulse that I had secretly desired for years. I reached over and began stroking Mikes c*** while I fingered Lyns p****. Mikes c*** was throbbing hard and I went down on him and sucked his c*** until he came in my mouth. Then I went down on Lyn and licked his c** from her p****. That's when I closed my eyes and was out like a light. when I awoke the next morning Mike was not in the bed. At some point he had gotten up and gone home. Lyn had no recollection of anything after she passed out on the couch. It has been three months since this happened and I am thinking about it all the time especially when I j*** off. As much as I love my wife and enjoy s** with her I have visions of Mikes c*** etched in my memory and I think about sucking it as much as I think about licking Lyns p****.


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  • Dang that was do hot I got hard reading it and had to take care of it when the wife came to bed while doing her thinking about his story wow good story

  • I can't believe you encouraged (and let) your friend rape your wife. You need to tell her what happened. Who knows, she may decide that since he's already fu cked her that she will willingly do it next time he is in town

  • That is one hot confession, dude. I was in my senior year of college and after our win over a rival we had a keg party at my dorm. I remember some guys taking me to my room dropping me on my bed. The next thing I knew I woke to my basketball player room mate riding up and down on my d***. My first time with a dude and let me tell ya, as he lifted his ass off my c*** he tightened his ass ring muscle - that jock was milking my d*** like nothing I had ever experienced. I raised my aching head to look and he c*** was bobbing up and down as hard as a rock; he is a power bottom jock. I was really drunk so it took him a long time to get me off, but he never missed a stride going up and down...always milking my d*** on an up stride. That was 11 years ago and I still f*** his married ass at every opportunity.

  • That is so sexy. I'm 60 but when I was 15 I was babysitting and the couple came home drunk, the woman passed out and I helped get her to bed and saw her big t*** and got a h******, the husband encouraged me to fell her t***, then he said I could f*** her if I sucked his c***. I said if I f*** her 1st he let me and then I sucked him off, I loved both. His is the only c*** I have sucked but would like to do it again

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