Brother In Law

My sister is married to a very sexy man, older than I am, but has a body of young man. I have always thought he is sexy, but according to Amy he gets lots of comments from many women as to how sexy he is. I think it really started when she asked me to cut his hair for him, of course I obliged. I got off work early and he came over in his camo cut off shorts. He is very tan and very sexy for a man to be in his 40's. I don't know why but I find some of the shortest shorts and tight tube top that has a built in bra and decide to put that on. So he gets here and rings the doorbell and I greet him with the usual hug and hi come on in. I notice right off that he is watching me constantly. I enjoy it and decide to see how it is going to go. I set up a plastic chair in the backyard and have him sit down, I ask if he wants to take his shirt off so that no hair gets on it and he obliges. I secretly look over his shaved muscular chest and abs and think how good he must look under those shorts. I regain my composure and put a 1 guard on the clippers and start to trim the sides. When I get to the top he says he likes to have it finger length and I ask him if that's his fingers or mine. He laughs as he wants to compare my hand to his. I am 5'5, 108 pounds so his hands overwhelm mine and a thought comes in my mind as to how big he really is down there too. I try to get down to his height as he is sitting and see what his reaction is to my tight tube top. I am somewhat turned on that he is almost nude and I am extremely h****. My little perky 34b cup nipples are hard pressing through my top as I look at him from the top and make sure everything is even. I ask if that looks good and he says it is fantastic before I even move the mirror up to his face. I sense he is talking about me and decide to play on it for a minute. I find out he goes to a all woman barber shop and they rub his neck and shoulder's and decide I can do that just as good as them, so I run back in and grab some lotion. When I return walk down the hallway and look out the glass door I notice him adjusting himself down there and think that he is enjoying it very much. I can tell my panties are really moist and I am enjoying it as well. So I get back outside and try to see what he was adjusting but find it hard to see in his camo cut offs. I ask if its ok to rub him down and he says if I am ok with it he is too. I put some lotion in my hands and warm it up and put it on his neck and shoulders. He comments how well I massage and I tell him that I have had lots of practice, from being a college trainer. He laughs and makes a smart comment about how I paid for my college. I say that a woman has to do what she has to do to survive. I realize that this is really starting to overcome me and I am having several thoughts of wanting him so I make a quick decision to end the fun and finish his hair cut. He tells me thanks and gives me a big hug that picks me up off the ground. I feel his mighty muscles and even think I feel something press against me from his groin, but that might be my imagination. That afternoon, I grab one of my toys and finish what he started. I o***** three times that evening before the kids get home from school and wonder what I can do next to get his attention.


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  • Shove it! shove it ! shove it deep down,,
    she'd be in pain, yeah yeah oww oww...
    she'd cry ma name,, name . name,, meowww
    she'd say aah aah aah ouch ouch ouch,,
    and her booty hole be like,,,
    i m lovin it!

    let me f*** her, oh god bless me with the abilities,,
    f*** her tight thang,, tight as rubber,,
    imma smoothen it out, out as a hit song numbre,,
    she lick me deep,
    she thick as chick,
    her p**** so sleek,,
    her r***** so tight,
    f*** it i might,
    f*** her ,, loud she moan,,

    she moan like she never did,,,
    imma be like,
    shove it! shove it ! shove it deep down,,
    she'd be in pain, yeah yeah oww oww...
    she'd cry ma name,, name . name,, meowww
    she'd say aah aah aah ouch ouch ouch,,
    and her booty hole be like,,,
    i m lovin it!

    kylie jenner,, i respect u,, but when i see u naked, and strollin, i forget all the respect,
    and then i become like a hungry beast,
    waiting for ma food,,
    ua ma food,, i wana eat u,, eat u eat u eat u,,,
    imma be like

    shove it! shove it ! shove it deep down,,
    she'd be in pain, yeah yeah oww oww...
    she'd cry ma name,, name . name,, meowww
    she'd say aah aah aah ouch ouch ouch,,
    and her booty hole be like,,,
    i m lovin it!

  • Offer to cut his pubes and go from there. Surprise him with a d**** up his ass. Because guys love surprise finishers.

  • Can't imagine what you're waiting for. Make a move!

  • He sounds really sexy. It also sounds like you're the one he wants.....not your sis.

  • Find out all the different s** your sister won't give him and start promising him that all the time.

  • He is going to naturally prefer you to your sister cuz your so much younger and to be honest -- the two of you will make a better couple cuz of the age difference.

  • You are obviously sexier than your sister. That's why he wants you.

  • I love the idea that the other girl mentioned of him fantasizing hard for you. I think it must be true.

  • Seduce him. Call him at home while you know your sister is there with him. Make him leave the house and come to you (make up something you need "help" with, but nothing so urgent that your sis will come too). You want him to get in the habit of leaving her for you because it begins the process of prying him away from her.

  • So sexy! Damn!!!

  • Don't forget there is something called Karma :*

  • ^ Absolutely!

  • That old guy will dump her ass for another young girl

  • .....and it will bite you in the ass.....

  • You'll end up having an affair with him if you are left alone with him again. He's playing with you and he would probably have s** with you as a conquest. Trust me when I say that he's done this many times. He's a pro at this. I wouldn't be surprised if he has cheated on your sister before. It's only a matter of when before your sister finds out about her husband's infidelity and it would make it far worse for her if you slept with her husband. Wake up before you ruin your relationship with your sister.

    If this is a story, nice.

  • I wouldn't do something like this to my sister, even if her husband is sexy and flirty with me.

  • He clearly wants you. take him.

  • You've got him tilting. Just knock him over. And make him yours. YOURS!!!

  • I really hope you'll continue the progress of this budding relationship and take it all the way with him, just to see where it goes. I mean, who knows? It could very well be that the two of you are meant to be together, and that he was only directed to your sister by fate so he could ultimately find YOU. It's also possible that he only married your sister so he could be close to you and start the process of connecting with you permanently. It's also possible that he's already in madly, deeply and passionately in love with you, and because of the family circumstances, he's just afraid to make the first sexual move on you, even though he wants you like crazy (as evidenced by him having to adjust his shorts whenever he's around you). You may have to make the move yourself. My guess? What you've already done has him masturbating like wild while thinking of you, and that when he's making love to your sis, he's closing his eyes and imagining that it's you while he's stroking deeper and deeper into her body but wishing it was yours. You have already laid some pretty substantial groundwork. Now it's time to build on it. Go get that man!!!!!

  • ^ agree completely ^

  • Lmao if he did. He'll dump her for another girl

  • Fake as f***.

  • I hope in future once you get married, a girl gets in between you and your husband and make you live in a h*** :)

  • You are so disgusting! Your sisster trusted you and you are betraying her! He is a married man why would you look at him that way ?? Are you planning on ruining her life or what ?

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