I've been watching p**n for awhile now....... I'm a girl..... I'm ashamed s** is s** but I don't want to watch p**n....

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  • I am also a young girl who acted out a lot of p***; read my post: http://www.confessionpost.com/49938/i-met-someone

  • I am also a young girl who watches p***. Nothing wrong with that but it does tend to draw you along and you find yourself watching weirder and weirder stuff. I used to be in to fat lesbians and very old granny lesbians. Currently I am in to watching Sexy Simone and her dog, she does everything to this dog. Great stuff to watch.

  • There is nothing wrong with watching it even for women. Everyone does it. nothing to feel guilty about

  • I am a young girl too who iccasionally watches p***. I don't do it often because i always end up feeling grossed out, and not contenf like when i usually m*********, but I always come back basically just to provide material for my fantasies. You are not alone :)

  • I go through phases. Sometimes I don't watch it at all for ages then suddenly I can't stop. I'm a young straight girl but it's the lesbian p*** that I find the most arousing. Two girls scissoring or peeing on each other. It sounds bad but I can't help it

  • I too watched and acted out a lot of p***. Read my post? http://www.confessionpost.com/49938/i-met-someone

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