Weird fetishes

Write down your weird fetish. Mine is a belly fetish, I like to have my belly trampled and pressed by huge men/women.

Oct 2, 2015

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  • Wrote mine on this post:

  • B**********. Watching women c** over and over being f***** by dogs and horses is f****** hottttttttt

  • I am into humiliation. I have a very small p**** (micropenis) and enjoy showing it off online to be humiliated and degraded.

  • Hey little d***, does it turn you to address you by the microscopic wiener that makes a little bump between your legs?

  • Yes it does actually!

  • I bet it'd turn you on to see your tiny c***-like thing next to my huge d***? You need to get on your knees and suck my huge c*** because let's be honest, you were obviously meant to be a girl since you have a c*** instead of a d***.

  • Yes Sir it most certainly would. I really do have a c*** cause I can't call what I have a d***.

  • I like to f*** sissy girls like you in the ass with my big d*** whilst I flick your little c*** first. Then you don't get a choice, you will do as to mouth. Every inch that was in your ass will be down your throat until you're almost vomiting you're tagging so bad. Bud I'd still turn you over and f*** your gaping a****** again and this time c** in you. You'll then squat over the glass so my c** drips into it from you ass. Then what are you going to do with it?

  • F*** me too

  • How old are you Sir? I totally want someone younger and hung to own me, use me and abuse me as they see fit. My sissy c*** is good for nothing anyway.

  • I'm mid-20's and very well hung, your c*** would look like a pimple next to my c***. I've got a girlfriend but I go out at weekends looking for sissies with tiny d**** to f***. Some pay me very well for it and others I f*** for fun ;) you'll definitely have to pay a tiny d*** sissy tax. I hope you don't mind me getting violent if I can't fit my d*** into your f***** ass? The guy I f***** last night got a punch to the face after he vomitted on my d***, the little itch lied about deep throating. Can you deepthroat? What's the biggest thing you've put up your ass sissy c*** girl?

  • I'm an adult baby

  • Wtf, like on Diary of a call girl?! How can u possibly find that hot or arousing, being treated like a baby???

  • Don't judge others idiot

  • Why not? They judge me. Especially the ones who are extra touchy about their gross or lame fetishes

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