Today, I shaved my I am bare as the day I was feels weird, but I can't wait to see my wifes expression...PRICELESS

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  • Yeah don't shave so close. I trim mine with a number one on the clippers. The only bad thing is when it is hot my b**** sweat. I guess there is a reason for that hair. Any way my wife loves it and your's will to. Does she shave? The biggest benefit is when you are having oral s**. You don't get a mouth full of hair. Enjoy

  • Mastercard commercial in the making?

    Razors: $6
    Shaving Cream: $10
    The look on your wifes face when she sees you've shaved off you mane of pubic hair: Priceless

  • it's just pubes, morons, they DO grow back.....anything to change the routine in s**...right?? I am the OP, and my wife and I laughed last night for 10 minutes after s**....apparently my stubs were poking her ass......humor does the body well...........I thought it was hilarious!! I will however be growing it all back.....:) And no site shrink, there's no itching

  • You\\\\'ll probably grow to like the feeling.

  • use lotion

  • Its going to be pricesless to see the look on your face when your hair starts to grow back and endless itching insues.


  • Yeah, it'll be priceless when she sees that you're a raging f** who wants to be in a gay p*** video. Maybe she'll bring her lover over to laugh and point while he f**** her like a man.

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