Women want equal rights but not equal responsibility

I love beautiful women like any guy but almost every woman wants a man that will take care of her
its like the more beautiful she is the more expensive they are
every woman i have dated wants me to take them out to dinner
every woman i have dated wants gifts every woman i have dated
wants to be an at home wife but they aren't willing to cook or clean or do any thing for me when i need it.

women want the world but dont want to give any thing back in response to our efforts to make them happy women think men are obligated to take care of them but in reality men aren't going to take care of you if you don't take care of us

& the women that do have to take care of men complain so much when they wanted the same thing done for them.

equal rights mean equal responsibility if a man can take care of a woman
a woman should have no problem taking care of her man when he needs it
shivery died when every one in the USA got equal rights.

women fought for years to get equal right's now that they are equal they complain its like they don't want the responsibility that comes with their rights.
you cant play both sides of the ball park.

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  • Great points but man your grammar sucks and it's spelled "chivalry" not shivery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gv0H-vPoDc

  • Wow, that's weird, the women I know are unappreciated by their self-centered husbands.

  • Did you even read? this is a post on equality!
    if a woman is unhappy with their marriage then they need to leave their husbands & stop making excuses.

  • ........sometimes.....a b**** just need a beating.................

  • I totally agree with you. Equal rights mean equal pain.

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