Tired of women thinking that $$$ grows on trees

For the last few years i have been looking for love
but it turns out that just about all women are looking for a man to take care of them no scratch that all men & women i am bi sexual so i have tried to go out with even transsexuals but every one thinks that sitting at home while i work ass off will pay the bills but if you cant afford to take care of me why would you think that i could afford to take care of you we both live in the ghetto dumb ass. when you ask some one to take care of you
you are asking them to pay for your hole existence that means paying for every thing your hair your clothes your food & your medicine takeing care of you when you get sick & including the bills for the house & of course taking care of me. while you aren't dropping a dime into the bills i am going into debt.
back in the age of chivalry having some one take care of a woman was a common thing because women didn't have any right's of any kind.... but women fought for equal right & now women are considered equal to men so there fore if you don't want to work it has nothing to do with you being a woman or what you think your place is in life if you don't want to work it means you are LAZY if you got 2 good hands & two good feet & a good strong back then get to work lazy bones & stop being a gold digger this MSG is for m men & women

Nov 20, 2014

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  • Those aren't "women" you're talking about. They're "whores".

  • ^ SO TRUE ^ and so very sad.

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