The life of the party

We pranked a girl from high school by mixing sleeping pills in her drink during a party. She never found out we stripped her naked and laid her out on the front lawn. I remember boys going crazy grabbing her b**** and fingering her p****. She woke up later totally embarrassed not knowing how she got there with her clothes spread all over the lawn. I remember we told her she was drunk and stripped off her clothes. We watched her picking up her clothes and walking away down the street covering herself. She had it coming for being a stuck up b****. Know everyone in high school calls her a s***.

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  • I hope you are aware of how s***** a person you are, im kinda concerned cause this post almost sounds like youre trying to brag ????

  • Haven't you heard? Being a sociopath is trendy. All the more reason to laugh and eat popcorn when there's yet another school shooting :)

  • What the ACTUAL f***

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