Girlfriend's mom is acting sexually

Not sure where to start. My girlfriend and I have been together for quite a few years now, and her mom started acting out of character about a year ago. Finding reasons to constantly be bending down in front of me while wearing tops that allow her dangling t*** to be almost fully seen when looking down the collar, and you don't have to be looking too hard either cause the collars are always loose and hang down quite a bit. She was told by her daughter to be mindful since I had been looking but has persisted in this manner regardless.

She once showed me a bruise she had on her thigh, right near her knee but lifted her dress all the way up to the upper thigh, right where the lower part of outer ass starts, and she sat there just looking at me for 5 seconds or so. I walked up to her, not sure how to react so I just sorta poked at the bruise and asked her if it hurts, then the doorbell rang, so I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she smiled from ear to ear. She acts differently when no one's around. I once ran an errand for her and then she gave me a hug... but hugged me differently for the first time since I know her, she let her t*** press against my chest and my d*** was even touching her and she just held the hug for about 4 seconds.
It gets a lot weirder...

I once woke up at around 3am to take a p*** and walked to the bathroom with my b**** sticking out from my waistband, and noticed my mil's door was open, but thought nothing of it.
A few minutes after laying down on the couch, I hear footsteps creeping up on me, so I open my eyes to see my mill leaning over me, starring at my face, I guess trying to see if I was asleep, but when my eyes opened, she nonchalantly just walked away. Next time I saw her, she was calling me big boy and even wanted me to come sit down next to her on the couch, and my wife was right there. She's also found ways to unsuspiciously get her head just a few inches from my package, and she even once seemed to pretend to fumble and drop a book I gave her, right by feet, only to have her forehead solidly graze my crotch as she stood back up. I even once had to force a building entrance door open for her which I often did, only this time, she bent over to check the lock mechanism as I held the door open for her (night time and no one around) and she stayed there for around 10 seconds with her head a few inches away from my package. It's a simple lock mechanism and there really isn't anything to see, plus this was something I had often done...

There was this one time where she was wearing an insanely revealing top, leaning over the railing with her t*** looking like they were going to explode right out, and as I made my way up with my girlfriend, she kept calling my name, saying "hi", but I didn't reply. When I reached the last few steps, as she stood a little higher than me, she pulled my head about 2 or 3 inches from her t*** and kept it there for 3 good seconds and gave me a kiss on my head. She gently rubbed stroked my bear chest twice, for 2 second, and now often strokes my forearm softly when I start to turn away after saying "bye".

Here's a short list of more weird stuff:
She told her daughter some weird s*** while I was right next to them both (in an other language, but my GF translated it for me both times)She putting cream on her face and then said it felt like c**, and was all giddy, laughing, then looking at me smiling. Another time, we saw some nudity while watching a movie and she asked her daughter if it made my d*** hard, and if she minded that.

She'll give me hugs and kisses but only when no else is around, and sometimes is a little permissive when her daughter is there, but not if any one else is. She actually once asked her daughter who she was on the phone with, to which she replied for her mom to basically mind her business, so her mom told me, and asked me to keep it a secret. This happened in the early stages of what I'd have to call her "character change". She said she didn't know if it was another guy but made me promise not to tell her daughter. Sometimes, I almost feel like she's competing against her daughter. I once offered to give her a lift somewhere and her daughter said she would drive her, then her mom replied "why, scared I steal your boyfriend". That was actually the night she was "checking" the lock mechanism when I forced the building door open. My girlfriend now always finds reasons for her mom not to hang around at our place too, and once while at her place, I needed to use the washroom, and knowing her mom hadn't been out of the shower for long, she just opened the door, wide open while I was standing next to her and her mom was completely naked. My girlfriend had an interesting facial expression too, like she knew exactly what she was doing and she left the door open for way too long too. I'd say at least 3 - 3.5 seconds.

I won't make a move on her. Too risky, but I'd love it if she did.


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  • Wait it goes from wife to girlfriend?? Something smells really fishy......

  • FAKE of course, these guys live their fantasies out on these pages. Just go and have a w*** you sicko and forget about posting your fantasies.

  • Not actually married but given the number of years together, I use the "w" word but decided to change the wording...considering how context influences perception... but no not fake at all. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

  • Girlfriend or wife. Get your story straight fake as f***.

  • Woops...door part at the end. I needed to p*** and her daughter knew her mom had just gotten out of the shower, but she just went ahead and fully opened the door all the way anyways while I was standing right next to her. I saw her mom naked, and my gf was just standing there, not even closing the door until her mom started freaking out. by gf's facial expression and knowing her mom had just gotten out from the shower...I's weird, but it gives me the impression that she might've done quite deliberately. Maybe cause of the comments her mom had been making and obviously having picked up on the vibe, so as a form of payback or something I guess. That's what it looks like.

  • You got a stutter nutter.

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