I blow my mates

I go fishing something like 6 times a year with a bunch of 8 guys I first met when we were at school together. I remember the first time it happened, we were about 12 and it was raining hard and we were all packed in a tent and man did it get hot. One of the guys took his clothes off because of the heat and said that he would like a b******. OK I said allow me and although it was my first time I did it and I think I did it well. He came in my mouth and said that it was amazing. I then did the same to a couple of the others too and they loved it and boy so did I. The taste of their c** in my mouth was sensational. Over the course of the next few trips out it ended up that I would blow each and every one of them and swallow all their c** and one of them would blow me. I used to look forward to those trips. I am a married man with children now and have regular s** with my wife, who also gives a sensational b******, we have two kids. But I still go on fishing trips and blow all of the guys and one of them blows me and I love it. I have never been tempted to have any other sort of gay s** only our fishing trips and the odd occasion where I meet up for a drink with just a few of the the guys and if the opportunity arises blowjobbing occurs.

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  • Good for you! It's great that no one feels weird about it.

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