Wife cheating on me

I've been married for 15 yrs and with work and everything else life throws at you I started to have fantasies about my wife been f***** by other men with bigger c**** than mine, I am average size 6 inches but I am a premature ejeculator I have been getting worse and it takes me 2 mins max and I'm done, sometimes 3 or 4 strokes and I've c** like its my first time , my wife says she still loves it and she's happy but she always has to finish herself off with toys which are bigger than me I have been dropping hints for her to see other men and get f***** properly, but to no avail as yet

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  • Who the h*** do some of these people think they are leaving comments like that? "A lowlife?" Not even close. Clearly you have your wife's interests at heart. It's nice to see there are people who care about each other enough to be willing to let them get sexual gratification elsewhere if necessary. These people who think that monogamy is the only way for everyone, are living in a bubble. My wife having s** with another man is what saved our marriage. We wouldn't be together today if she hadn't done it. She knows it and so do I. So take your lowlife comments and stick them up your ass.

  • My man allows me to have s** with other men I love it but at the same time the s** with me and my current man is also amazing my man thinks it's hot for me to have s** with other men while he's at work or just out

  • Apparently you are a low life and your wife is faithful to her promise to you.

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