Only cut men will do

I only like circumcised guys. I've been with enough uncut guys to know that I never want to deal with a foreskin again. I prefer the look, the feel, the taste, and the function of a cut c***. I wish i could tell this all to my uncut fiancé, but I'm not sure how he would react. I just want to be with a man whose p**** turns me on sexually, and I don't have that.

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  • Try broaching the subject non-verbally. Pull his foreskin forward and and hold it, then make a pair of "scissors" with the first and second fingers of your other hand and give his foreskin a playful "finger snip." Keep it light and playful, but see how he reacts. Don't know if this will help, but if you do it regularly, you might get the idea across. Good luck.

  • You have every right to decide what you like. There are plenty of cut guys - literally tens or hundreds of millions of them. Go find one.

    The fact that you have not chosen a cut guy but are instead demanding someone else undergo surgery to suit your preference suggests to me that what you really want is something more than just a cut guy.

    Before anyone makes health claims, as a Jewish man who is circumcised, I can tell you from experience that circumcision does NOT prevent infection by STD's. Both uncircumcised and circumcised men must wear condoms for protection. The primary cause of cervical cancer is infection by one of the strains of HPV. There are now two vaccines that protect against HPV infection and cervical cancer and that have proven to be safe and effective.

    What would you say if your boyfriend demanded that you had plastic surgery for your nose, or your face, or your b******, or your belly and hip fat before he would marry you? How would you feel? I don't know you but I hope that you would either ask him to get counseling or show him the door.

    IMHO, demanding that someone else undergo surgery to prove loyalty or manhood or religious fealty is really, really messed up and the cultures that demand these rituals tend to be among the most vile and unjust on the planet. Even if he wants the surgery independently of you, you will be very lucky if all he does is throw it back in your face during some later argument.

    Why does anyone marry someone expecting them to change, not just circumcision but all of the countless other unrealistic expectations as well? Do your fiance a favor and let him go; you are not attracted to him and I doubt that circumcision will make him more attractive in your eyes. Satisfying your power trip and need to test him might; but if this statement is true then you should get help before doing anything and he should run from you as fast as he can because people who require surgery as a loyalty test rarely stop there.

  • My wife then fiancé at the time talked me into getting circumcised. Looking back I can say she had the right idea. I got it done a sign of loyalty and commitment but I am now happy about being circumcised too, its cleaner, better in bed and better performance. The wife is very happy with it I wouldn't change anything.
    I'm not saying everyone should do this or is the same but for me getting cut for the woman I love has been great for both of us.
    Perhaps this woman should talk to her fiancé and ask if he's happy to get circumcised for her. Perhaps he will say yes and you'll be surprised but also be prepared for NO.

  • Yes, i think you should just talk to him too. Introduce it in a sexy, nice way. Maybe he will have it done, you never know.

  • Gf,u and ur fiance should b talkin abt anythin. I mean it cnt b tht hard 2 tel him how u feel and wht would mke u happy...i told my bf to circumsize during our early days of dating,tel him tht u wont BJ him if he dsnt tel him in a nice kinda way so tht he dsnt feel bad. Ur health and wants r also imprtnt,mwah love u.

  • You're not texting, you're posting on the internet. Use English, unless of course you -want- to sound like illiterate trailer trash.

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