Rather be dead

I think about killing myself every single day. I used to cut my wrists it was how I dealt with pain but I wasn't suicidal!!! I am a woman "cute" according to most. But I wear tons of make up because I have facial hair and it's embarrassing. I'd rather die than let anyone see my face without make up. I hate make up it rubs off on everything! It takes so long to put on, and I look fake but others call me "cute" they don't know the real me. I want to kill myself.

Oct 21, 2015

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  • Some people have botched body procedures they have to live with forever and all you have is facial hair?

  • Girl if you have facial hair then talk to a professional about it. Cmon now! Killing yourself isn't worth no dang facial hair. Just get it laser off and buy skin correcting crime from Sephora.

  • Get help. Having facial hair is no reason to consider taking your life. Others have it a lot worse than you. Like the other comment said there are things that can be done to remove it. You're not alone. I'm a guy and I have something wrong with me much worse. So yeah I know what it's like but also know there is nothing worth ending it over.

  • We all have facial hair, depending on your ethnicity it can be darker or coarser. And also hormones can promote hair growth. But there are beauty products out there that can help. Waxing can help, but there is upkeep. Have you ever considered electrolysis? It could be great for you. And also with makeup, there are other make up lines that don't rub off. But you probably don't need all that make up and are beautiful just the way you are. Believe those people when they say you're cute. Of course, when you're subconscious, it's hard to believe that. More important than the make up and the facial hair is your overall mental health and outlook on life and living it, meaning wanting to kill yourself. Please go and talk to someone, it's important for you to not feel the way you are feeling and find happiness.

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