My boyfriend of about a month.
He told me he was madly in love with me and he'd always want me to be by his side. He's a very broken person. Has issues of abandonment, and tells me that he usually keeps walls up when someone tries to come into his life -- tells me I broke through. That he's loves me and will support me to the end of the earth.

Whenever he has bad days, he doesn't look at me. He won't talk to me, and he won't touch or kiss me. It's like, I'm not even there. I've told him before that we need to communicate, and that I need to be more specific in explaining my own feelings.

I always feel worried about everything I say or do to him. These are tell tale signs of a bad relationship, but I'm so in love with him. I can't imagine not talking to him.

I don't know.
I'm usually such a door mat. I'm confident and tough at work. In college, I get all my work done and help others out. I have a good head on my shoulders, but this relationship really has me confused.

Why does he ignore me... Why doesn't he care when I worry about him? I don't get any reassurance, even when I ask for it.

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  • He ignores you because hes depressed. At this stage of his life he isn't going to be much fun. Who abandoned him? Children who are older than five have abandonment issues their whole lives. This is especially true of orphans. The feeling of abandonment never completely goes away. The best rememdy for this is to grow up, get married and have your own family.

  • The key words are that he's your boyfriend of a MONTH. And you're already having huge issues. And it sounds like his issues are becoming your issues. Relationships should be this hard. You should be in your honeymoon period right now where everything is puppies and rainbows. It sounds like it's not. It sounds like it's changing who you are. He ignores you because he's immature and doesn't know how to communicate. He could also have a mental illness. He also may not be capable to give you what you need. He needs to be in therapy. And you may want to reconsider this relationship, there's nothing about him or it that sound healthy. He can be a great guy when he lets you in, and you love him and he loves you.. but pay attention to the red flags and know exactly what you're signing up for. Know that you deserve something more than he can give you now. And maybe you are better off being just a friend than anything more.

  • People with trust issues don't need someone running away at the first hurdle, chances are others have done this to him before and now he's scared to let anyone close. If you run then to him you are no better than those that have hurt him in the past. Show him this post, show him you want to help, actions speak louder than words.

  • ^although that could be true in most instances..she is not dealing with someone with simple trust issues. This could be a potentially complicated and dangerous situation for someone who is very young to deal with. She may not be able to appropriately deal with him and his problems.

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