Thinger Majigger

This is the boy with Fucko Lucko my lucky dragon-iguana. He happens to be in a good mood today because I fed him for the first time in like 3 weeks. I just forgot about him for a while, oopsie! lolz. But he is still survive so no harm done.
But I have some new gossip about myself to inform you all of. I met a girl at the DMV (even though i was mad because they wont let me drive!) and she told me that she wants to put my thing in her thing, but I don't know what this means. I have a lot of things, most of them are in my closet, lolz, it is rate messy. But should I let her borrow my thing? She said it would take all night, and I don't know if I trust her with any of my things for that long.

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  • ^hahahahahah
    shut up, why do you even care?

    RELAX. everything will be ok haha

  • LOL I know this dumb ** ** is fake, but you are still a ** for even thinking of such retarded ** to post. **!!!

  • I just came back to the site and this is the first post I even checked, lol glad to see things are back to normal.


  • ^ You are the stupid **. What did you expect to happen when you write something so stupid. Besides you story was dumb anyway. You could have come up with something way better than trying to imitate Forest Gump.

  • ^ YOU are ** retarded.

    Do you really think this comment is real?
    I write this ** because I have an imagination and it's entertaining and I'm bored at work. DUH.

    You're all RETARDED for believing this is real.
    And how dare you write something that hateful to someone? You deserve to have your insides ripped out.

    Have a nice day, sweetie!

  • ^You are ** retarded. Start by putting a 45 cal in your mouth. Close your eyes. Then pull the trigger. That will solve all your problems. I promise.

  • Yes, she is nice, i would like to let her borrow my thing.
    But how do i give it to her? She lives in the westside trailor park and my fat aunt does not let me go there since she says it is a place of fournikation and adultary. But i do not know what fournication is, and i like to think i am an adult!

    Also, what do I wrap up? Should I bring her a cake and wrap it in tin foil?

  • Don't listen to these two ** tards above me. They're probably women. You want to give her your thing. Trust me its a good thing.

    Rack the Jipper

  • ^ I heartily agree.

  • Don't give her your thing. You don't need to reproduce.

  • yes but make sure she has no diseases and, this is important. wrap it up man.

  • yes. Give her your thing since you appear to be too stupid to use it properly.

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