I'm only 13 and my brother is 18,it started when i jumped on him and wouldn't get of and felt him getting hard,I just laughed as he got up and could see him turned on, next day i done the same but this time i had a skirt on showing my knickers to him,his hands on my thighs saying i looked nice, left it a few days and jumped on him when he came out his room wrapped my legs round him and said i don't have underwear on he didn't believe me soon did when he put his hand on my ass,we ended up in his room him f****** my mouth and holding it there as he c**,that was just the beginning he f***** me on the bed twice,each time we do it he likes to be behind me and pulls my ponytail.

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  • Jesus is this real

  • My sister was 13 and I was 21 when we first started having s**.

  • I loved having s** with my brother! I'd jump on him too and wiggle around till I could feel his b****. For ages we'd fool around like this till one afternoon he picked me up after i jumped on him and carried me to his bedroom when mom and dad we're out. His was the first c*** I ever sucked on.

  • Sibling s** is great for experimenting

  • I wish I was your brother

  • 13 is nice

  • I started to have s** with my sister when she turned 13. Always used condom and it totally safe. We both loved it.

  • Very nice, I prefer no condom and see their face when they feel your c** pumping into their p****

  • Sickfucking incest loving pedo I hope I just wrecked you wackin session

  • Love you to jump on me naked

  • I had s** with my brother too but I was older then at 30 and he was 18 when he was going to university and lives in my apartment in the city. I always watch tv after supper with shirt and panties only and that may have turned him on. It lasted about 6 years when he moved to another state for work. I'm married now.

  • About your age I used to jump on my brother (19 yo) just to feel his h****** against my crotch. Couple of times I was without panties on and he got bolder but naive to some extent. The first time he would not know what to do with his h****** (?) but I laid myself on my back and drew him on the top me me. He pushed his c*** between my thighs and e*********. Later on we were into full s** and enjoyed till he had a steady gf.

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