Sister's diary

Walked past my sisters room and seen she's left her diary on her bed,as i was flicking through the pages read she kissed her friend had s** with a lad then it changed, next page was i I've seen him naked but only from behind wish he turned round and how she fingers herself,she's my 14 year old sister but it was turning me on,I no he wanks as i hear him in his room caught him looking at me maybe he's thinking about me was on one page,left it a few days when i was out knew she was home and messaged her about what i read,5 minutes of texting each other i ended it with be home soon so be a good girl and wait in my bed,got home and she was there waiting was hoping it would last longer,been f****** her now for 3 months when we get home from school as no one is home for hours, big turn on doing something that most think is wrong.

Feb 5, 2020

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  • I didn't find a diary, but, did find notes between my hot older sister and an older guy she was dating that no one knew about. She was 17 or so, and he was in his mid to late 20s. He took her to a local bar called The Rail, and I guess it was a regular thing, as was s** at his apartment, which had a circle-shaped bed. I'd see things in the notes like "John. We're going to have to be sneaky tonight and park behind our bar. I think my friend Denise suspects", and "Please look for my lighter by your bed. Think I lost it last night while we were attacking each other!". There were more, but that was the general tone. She was drinking and f****** this guy, and nobody was supposed to know. But I did.

    We did well together, but there was one time she p***** me off and I let loose on knowing about the guy, bar, and his circle-shaped bed. That gave me a ton of leverage over her for quite a while. If I needed a ride somewhere, I'd ask or even tell her. I have to go to wherever. Wanted her to wear her sexiest, tiny bikini when we cleaned our pool together? Flat-out tell her..I want you in the black bikini, all day. I got a little drunk with my friends one night and the walk was further than I wanted to make, so, called her, even drunk, and told her..I'm drunk and you're coming to get me. Wear that white tank top, too. I want to see those t***. Just like John does.

  • I think you should have fun and do what ever you think is right

  • I don't but some do with the comments ive seen on here.

  • Don't listen to others. Just enjoy your sister but remember birth control.

  • Hi, why do you thinks it's wrong??

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