Judith Thompson

I ended up in bed with Judith Thompson my work/Employment Advisory. She was unable to make her usual appointment so I had agreed to meet her near the library in town.
She said it was a nice day so she said lets go sit in the beer garden down the road.
Now Judith is not really that attractive and is probably around 45+ I wanted to get home the beer had hit me quickly because of my medication so she offered me a lift back and I accepted. On the way back she asked If I was in hurry I said no, She drove to this Hotel and asked if I wanted to sleep with her.

I ended up in bed with her and I have to say she was dirty, and I never in my life had a women who wore fishnet stockings and heels in bed. we had s** for a least 2 hours I then feel asleep and when I had woke up she had gone. The next meeting I had a different advisory when I asked why, he said shes moved departments and works in the next town over.

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