My nice neighbor

For several weeks now our new neighbor who's single 33 well built and from what I could see at times hung quite nicely. I am 22 single so there is no problems with either of us doing anything but every time I see him I get all fluttery and start to stutter, yea that's my one big problem.
Last week we were talking and it was a hot summer day above 90 and I had on a thin summer dress doing my yard work and he came over and started talking to me and I needed to get up but my legs have fallen asleep so I asked him for a hand and he took hold of my arm and began to lift me up but doing so my breast popped out of my dress I tried to get it back in and he said why bother for it sure looked good to him. I'm only a D cup and I wasn't wearing as bra for it was that warm out and he said man he'd like to get to know those and kinda took hold of me cupping my b****** with his hands and I didn't move, why I don't know but I just stood there arms along my sides and everything was fine till he pulled my nipples and they sprang to life became rather hard and he kept tugging at them and the next thing I know he was kissing me and I was returning his kisses.
We made our way into my house and I got a drink of ice water from the frig and offered him some and he went right back to my b****** again, wasn't long till my dress fell to the floor and I was now nude before him and he let out a low whistle saying he didn't think I was so beautiful but now that I am without clothes he can see he was mistaken as our lips met and his hands took hold of my ass pulling me tight against him and I could feel his c*** getting bigger and bigger pressing against my bare abdomen then he started rubbing it against me and I couldn't stop it but I started to stutter and he said take a deep breath and think about what it is you're going to say and it worked I didn't stutter nearly as much and we laughed at that, not because I stuttered but the words I said or what they sounded like.
Anyway we ended up going to bed together and man is he ever a good lover, never knew I could c** more than just once and he made me c** like 7 times that first time.

Oct 29, 2015

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