I wana die

I'm 37 have had soooo much from rape twice, losing my only sibling, being beat for 5 yrs in a bad relationship, hating myself, going into hiding, addiction...... I JUST CAN'T!!!!! But I have the most precious AMAZING gift, a 12 yr old son that worships the air I breathe! How can I leave him? I love him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much but hate to live. I'm 1 yr cancer free, no friends, no job.... WTF!

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  • Day by day - don't leave your son! Everyday pray for god to take your burden and heal your mind.

  • Sounds like my story: I became pregnant from rape and had a son and I am glad for him. Went through my ordeal with dignity and sense of purpose; how? Yes, I read The gospels; google it and read and see liberty. I talk to Jesus about my problems. Do and you'd be just fine just as I am.

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