Want to Be Cuckolded While Diapered

I want my wife to dress me up as a sissy baby girl and cuckold me with a real man and expose my perverted desires to him so they can laugh at me while I sit in a wet diaper watching them make love.

Aug 28, 2021

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  • So why the diaper’s ? Does your mother in-laws wear diapers and do you use them , and how did you feel when they put you in them ?

  • My mother-in-law helped make me a diapered sissy cuckold with full cooperation with my wife who has found a very handsome boyfriend. My mother-in-law can't have sexual relationship s because of medical reasons, and I was intoduced to my father-in-law wearing my mother-in-law s panties and her nightie wearing her perfume since his eyesight is not very good one night that they were visiting. My wife and her mother watched as my father-in-law found me sitting on all my mother-in-law s clothes in the kitchen and he kissed me not really realizing who I was her was very strong and picked me up and we walked into their guest bedroom. And he took off his clothes and his manhood was bigger than I had ever seen. He begged for s** believing I was his wife I agreed to let him enter my butt since he knows about his wife's condition so he f***** my ass so hard I came all over her nightie . And he did again and again for hours. I was so excited . I decided I was going to be a woman after that night. No matter what. After about five hours he was asleep soundly and I went down to the kitchen where the other women were . and they were giggling and asked me how everything went. I told them he was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don't plan to be wearing anything except women's clothing from that night on. So my mother-in-law shared her dresses and agreed not to be in the same room with her husband as when I am so we can take advantage of his near blindness to confuse him . And my wife agreed to address me as her mom . And the plan is to introduce his wife to him when we all in the same room as one of out close neibors. We have done this now for a month and so far he really thinks I am his wife.

  • It's been almost two months now and I believe that I have successfully traded places with my mother in law. With my wife s total agreement . My mother-in-law willingly gave me her wedding ring. My father-in-law being near blind has excepted me totally as his wife at the amusement of my wife and her mother. At this point I feel like he is the only man living in our house.

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