I am mom's big baby boy now that she cought me yanking off.

My mother walked in on me while I was jerking my self. I had my eyes closed and was almost ready to unload. She walked in and I did not know it until she said, I never knew you where so small, that is when I opened my eyes and seen her standing over my naked body. I stopped and cover myself with my hands. She sat down on the edge of my bed and told me that my father was small also.
Now I am old enough to be living on my own but since mother and dad have been divorced I stayed living at home. While my mother asked if I ever had s** with a girl I had to say no. Then she said with a small pen*s like mine I will probably never get a girl. Then she tried to remove my hands but I resisted. She said she knew how ashamed I must be about how small it is. Than with one yank she removed my hands off my still hard nubbin. Oh honey, that is so small even as hard it is as she rubbed it with one hand. Then she told me to quit playing with it because it will never help matters any.
The week went by with no comments from her until Saturday came. She came into my bedroom early and yanked my covers back waking me. Since I always slept naked she saw my morning woody. She then told me that from now on I will be diapered and wear plastic pants. I was shocked to say the least but the only ultimatum was to move out on my own. Having no money and only a part time job I had no choice.
I was handed a bag and told to put every thing on before coming down for breakfast. She also told me she will inspect me to make sure I have done what the note said, which she handed me. Then left saying, make it snappy breakfast is almost ready.
The note said to heavily powder myself, put on the diapers and plastic pants, (which where pink) then the anklets, (with little pink bows), then my adult baby dress with matching diaper cover, (Checkered white and pink dress and white diaper cover with rows of ruffles over the behind).
After thinking about my options I did as the note said then headed down stairs. When I walked into the kitchen mom told me how lovely I looked. Then told me to hold up my dress while she took a look in the front of my diaper. She said, I see you have a stiffy again and that you did as the note said. Since your aroused I assume you like your new look. Sit down and I will feed you as she brought me oatmeal. While she fed me she told me the new rules. That was a year ago and I still live with her and still am her baby dressing the part. Here friends think it is so cutie and being in front of them dressed as a baby makes my nubbin hard every time. She has one friend who touches and rubs my groin saying I see this excites you. I like being a baby now.ftjd

Nov 14, 2015

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  • That’s why males of all ages need to wear diapers, to stop them getting there bed clothes sticky, weather by accident or on purpose!

  • I think the same way, but for girl. It would work for girl on their periods and if they wet the bed.

  • Are you still at home ? Or have you found yourself a girlfriend? Or are you still in diapers?

  • Can I touch you and rub you? I want to make your pee pee shoot white stuff

  • This is super hot !!! I wish !!! Lucky

  • You need a psychiatrist

  • I have a feeling this person made this up. Otherwise, they both need a psychiatrist. lol

  • Ya think??

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