Sitting on the steps

I loved you...
Even to the point of idolizing you
You made my heart skip beats
You took the air our of my lungs
The words out of my mouth you were my everything the only one I loved so deeply I made you laugh and you made me laugh but ... but then time, sickness, and ideals drew us apart.
Winter came and it was cold our bond became brittle
The girl I loved changed, but I was stuck in stasis our hands were ripped from each others and lines were drawn...
You still make me laugh
You still make my eyes light up and my heart starts to beat irregularly, but
You are no longer the girl who stared into my eyes whilst resting her head on my lap. Freezing me in one singular moment of time. You are no longer the girl I'd sit and wait for on the steps of the church for. You are no longer she.
I loved her deeply.
Regardless I will stay by your side loving you
Even if your in love with another
I will be your bestfriend
I will just clench my fist and punch the shards of glass that cover me
Because I love you more than you know .... more than I know


Nov 16, 2015

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  • Ghey.. Move on mang

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