The Lady of the House

My first experiences of sexuality came about through many confessions of fantancy(ies). I had some misfortions and needed to move in for living arrangements almost right away. A few months after I moved in a family friend I walked in on was having s** with the lady of the house. As politely as I did I walked away. The next day I confronted the misses. I had asked I never met your boyfriend before and true understand I had entered mistakely. She admitted I was new to the area and completely understood. *** A few weeks later It was late a night when I returned from an assignment when I went to turn in for the night. I entered my bedroom without turning a light on. I knew I felt out of place. The lady of the house and the family friend was in my bed. He suggested I place my fingers in the misses p****. So as facinating as it sounded I did. The flesh was so warmly inviting with the moans coming from the mistress. Then as Im sitting low on the floor their was an immediate intercourse action taking place between with moans and groans and sighing. Im quitely trying to sleep through this as dark as it is. As I looked up. The friend suggest I to join in to please the misses. She was very hot in passion and needed immediate satification.As I prepared myself for her; he had just pulled out of the misses. As cautious as I was I carefully entered her. Indeed it was. The misses was boiling hot inside her coochie. As I thrust inside her heavily, within a short time I pulled out. My c*** began to drip leaking like a running water faucet.*** The family friend had noted the o****** the misses was having as often as she enjoyed them. He entered her again. And began to cream pie her once again. Once he came all over her. The mistress beg out loud... LET HIM...LET HIM... Again as I prepared for her warm juices, I notice the friend left the room quitely noticed I had entered the lady of the house again. We continued our love making with the family friend in the next room for the night. I continued banging into the hot freshness of the mistress. She began to beg me to goto to bed. I insisted on. I could hear a few other organisms come out of her continuously. And then a fine whisper high pitch sigh at the end of it. As In thrusting in and Out of here I must have e********* enough of my sperm, her juices, and our passionate sweating that excreated our bodies that our bodies were oily wet from head to toe. Every occurence was continued for the next three years daily multiple times a day with the lady of the house. We talked of getting married and making babies often. We never became pregnant the entire passion.

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  • You're f***** up bruv

  • Young man; what is this? there is nothing to be proud about it. It is a shameful act. Divert your youthful energy into more productive ventures; work out, charity, reading books like "tough times never last . .." "purpose driven life" etc. It is a pity that your parents divorced while you were young but you've got a whole life ahead of you. Set good life goals; college, job, marriage and look forward to achieving them. Get excited about life. Perhaps you'd tell us an achievement story next year.

  • Really

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